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Bem-Vindo ao Exilium

O L2 Exilium é um servidor de L2J, que simula um ambiente de jogo similar ao jogo Lineage II. Nosso servidor foi elaborado minuciosamente, baseado em vários anos de pesquisa e experiências com Lineage II, visando o que os jogadores realmente gostam e fornecendo uma incrível experiência que você jamais terá em nenhum outro servidor. O L2 Exilium está online desde o dia 25 de Junho de 2011 e desde então, vem crescendo, cada dia mais e promovendo todos os dias, diversão garantida e ininterrupta para todos os nossos jogadores.

Últimas Notícias

Faris - 25/11/2015 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Geodata "Spider-man" BUG fixed.

arrow.png Players managing to use buffs from the NPC in events self-buffs problem fixed.

arrow.png Cancellation had its delay increased from 40s non-static (which means something around ~13s with full buffs) to 30s static (which always is 30s) and its casting time from 6s no-nstatic to 12s non-static which can give others a slight chance to counter the Cancelletion casting with a stun, cancel target or even a hit.

Scheduled maintenance By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance on November 25, 2015 at 9h AM UTC -3 for database cleanup and routine procedures.

Downtime: 20-40min.

Faris - 19/11/2015 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png BUGs in War Event fixed. It will be no longer possible to use Hide, Dance of Shadows or any mounts during the event (all these items and skills restrictions was not working specifically on the War event)

Faris - 10/11/2015 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png We finally did some upgrades regarding the Geodata issues. We created a system that prevents players from falling down the map. You'll be teleported back to the ground in the moment you start falling. This is a BETA feature, we're still testing and improving it. Please report anything strange or not functional.

arrow.png BOT Report fixed. People was getting stuck the moment they report others, this will no longer occur.

arrow.png We added an automatic punishment system for those who are susscefully reported as a BOT. If someone get reported 3 times in less than 2 days, this player will be automatically Jailed. This means your Reports will be much more effective against BOTs. We also added a system that we can just send the captcha to everyone that's hunting, at once (following the normal restrictions, of course). This will make much easier for us as well. We also want to say that we are aware that some people are managing to use BOT programs by bypassing the protection somehow. And some of them can also answer the captcha automatically. These players are getting their accounts permanently banned (you can report them by email if you find any)

Faris - 04/09/2015 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png New NPC where you can test your DPS: Training Dummy. He'll be placed in all Town Temples, Warrior Guilds, Arenas, etc.

arrow.png Send Trade/Friend Invite request while in Combat mode or Flag will be no longer possible.

arrow.png Maximum number of Game Clients that can be open per PC increased to 5 in normal days (TW/Siege days was kept at 2).

arrow.png Minimum number of players to enter instanced Bosses (Frintezza, Freya, Zaken and Beleth) increased from 10 to 12 - as it was before. (Tiat was kept at 24).

Launcher problem By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

We just found a BUG in our current Launcher, it was using an old domain that just expired.

If you're having problems to open our Launcher you have three options: 1. Just open the game through the L2.exe; 2. Wait a few hours and the Launcher should work again or 3. Download the attached Launcher (I've also updated the installer on our website with this "new" Launcher)

Extra TW next weekend? By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

The Territory War from yeterday didn't went well. Due to some troubles we had to restart the server several times, that, amid all the mess the registered Clans to participate lost their registration and only the castle owners were allowed to participate.

So, should we have an extra Territory War next saturday (29th August) to compensate? (And of course, another one in the next weekend, 4th September, as normal)


"No" wins, so there will be no extra TW.

Siege start time By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Rune, Aden, Giran, Oren, Schuttgart were scheduled for the next week. I just fixed the Siege dates and they should start normal today 4PM UTC -1. (Check the NPC). The registration periods are open until one hour before the Sieges starts.

Territory War start time By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Due to some troubles we changed the Territory War Start time from 8PM UTC - 1 to 9PM UTC -1 (it should start in 45min from now)

Rollback By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

The server is back online.

But unfortunately a rollback occurred. There was no way around. I could put the server online 2AM already but I was wasting time trying to recover the data from the dead SSD disk. The last backup we had was from 11AM UTC -1, since the disk was already failing and not saving further backups after this hour, this resulted in ~6 hours of rollback considering that the server went down around ~5PM

Explaining what happened: Yesterday our primary bootable hard disk burned out. The Data Center had to replace it and reinstall the O.S. Then, we had to reinstall and configure everything again. After that, we spent hours trying to recovering the data from the dead disk, but I had no success. So, unfortunately we had to rollback the server a few hours to our last backup.