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Here you will find frequently asked questions answered, separated into various themes. If your question or problem is not here, please contact our Support.


1) How do I make a donation?
R: To donate is very simple, our system is fully automatic and easy, to get all the information about donations, please read our completely Donations Page.
2) Where I can find the list of items and prices?
R: We do not have a list of items, the items are purchased through an NPC in-game, called Kanom, which is in Giran. In case you will find all items and prices in this NPC.
3) Are there any package of items?
R: No, we do not sell any package for donations, which we have are automatic discounts for donations over R$ 100,00. Once you select the desired amount in Control Panel, the displayed price is already discounted and the discount percentage offered.
4) I can donate for Eternal Hero?
R: No, to be a hero only participating in Olympiads, all the items we offer for donations can normally acquired in the game. We do not sell anything that could harm other players in some way.
5) What other kind of rewards can I get with donations?
R: In addition to items that we provide at NPC Kanom for donations, we provide other types of rewards too, such as: Clans, Level, etc.. Take a look at our alternative Rewards page.
6) I made a donation but did not arrive the coins in my character, what should I do?
R: In case of payment cards and online transfers, donations tend to fall immediately, but sometimes it does not happen and they are "In Review" for a while, but the donations made by Boleto Banking may take up to 72 hours to arrive, depending on the day and time they were made.
If after 72 hours past your Exilium Coins have not yet arrived, please send an email to our support team with the following information so we can check: Donation #ID, name of the character it was made the donation, date, payment method and exact value of the donation.
7) I bought items in donations NPC, but changed my mind, I can change for my Exilium Coins back?
R: No, after using your Exilium Coins to buy any item in Donations NPC, you can not revert it back to Exilium Coins.
8) I made a donation, but I Pk and drop my donation items, and now?
R: When you make a donation has no guarantee about items purchased, otherwise the items are virtual and therefore do not have "manufacturing defects" and can last forever if you can take care of them. After receiving your items, they do not differ from the rest because they were obtained by donation and are subject to the same possibilities of the game, so they are under your full responsibility, not fitting the Administration of any refund in case of loss.

My Account

1) I created an account, but can not login, what should I do?
R: Before you can join the game, your account needs to be activated. When creating your account, we send an automatic email to the same email that was provided at creation time, check your inbox and look for email, see also the "Spam" and "garbage" in your email because the email can be found there. If the mail has not arrived, you can Resend the confirmation e-mail.
2) I lost my password, what should I do?
R: You can Recover your password, using your username and e-mail address registered to your account. If in case you do not remember the password of your email too, please contact our support, providing as much information as possible, to prove that you are indeed the owner of your account, so we try to analyze to see if it's possible to recover the password for you.
3) My account was stolen, what should I do?
R: First of all, we are not responsible for lost or stolen accounts, for more information read our Rules. But we will try to help you as best as possible so that contact with our support, giving us as much information as possible, as well as time of day or theft, stolen items, your character name, user name of your account, possible suspects and what more you want to inform, the more detailed your information is, the more likely we will be able to help you.
4) I was a long time without playing and my account was deleted, what happened?
R: We own a cleaning system that deletes all accounts inactive for more than sixty days, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, because everything has been deleted permanently.


1) My character caught in a place and I can not log it, what should I do?
R: Login to your Control Panel on the site and select the "Unlock Character", then unlock the character with the problem, many do this option solves the problem, if it still does not solve, contact our support claiming the problem and stating the name of the character.
3) Where can I get the server information as well as: Drops, NPCs, Special Zones, etc?
R: You can find all this information on our Information Page, if you want some specific information about some characteristic of the server that you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask to our support.

Server Installation

Are you having problems to install our server? See our Full Tutorial about how to connect to our server. If you are having any problems like: Critical Error when opening the game, disconnect, "Can not Resolve Hostname", among others, give a read also in our Tutorial about How to Troubleshoot the installation