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Character Details

Nickname: XErmac20X
Class: Ghost Hunter
Created on: 2014-02-10
Clan: PeakyBlinders
PVP: 62597
PK: 625
Fame: 56941
Heroes: 56
Last update
$ 367.44 USD
PVP: 62597 PK: 625 Fame: 56941 Hero: 56 Criação: 2014-02-10

Enchanted Skills

Ghost Hunter Base

Backstab Bleed Ultimate Evasion Hex Quick Step Critical Damage Boost Evasion Dagger Mastery Sting Light Armor Mastery Deadly Blow Vicious Stance Blinding Blow Wisdom Lethal Blow Focus Death Focus Power Bluff Mortal Strike Assassination

Ghost Hunter Base

Backstab Bleed Ultimate Evasion Hex Quick Step Critical Damage Boost Evasion Dagger Mastery Sting Light Armor Mastery Deadly Blow Vicious Stance Blinding Blow Wisdom Lethal Blow Focus Death Focus Power Bluff Mortal Strike Assassination


Triple Slash Double Sonic Slash Sonic Blaster Sonic Storm Sonic Buster Stun Attack Dual Weapon Mastery Heavy Armor Mastery Hammer Crush Triple Sonic Slash Final Frenzy Duelist Spirit Vicious Stance Wisdom War Frenzy Master of Combat Braveheart


Double Shot Burst Shot Stun Shot Quick Step Bow Mastery Light Armor Mastery Vicious Stance Snipe Wisdom Lethal Shot Hamstring Shot Archery

Storm Screamer

Anti Magic Boost Mana Fast Spell Casting Fast Mana Recovery Robe Mastery Higher Mana Gain Wisdom Health Arcane Power Arcane Roar Silence Sleep Surrender To Wind Body To Mind Curse Death Link Slow Curse Fear Vampiric Claw Hurricane Shadow Flare Aura Symphony Demon Wind Elemental Storm Wind Vortex Dark Vortex Aura Flash Wind Vortex Slug Empowering Echo Throne of Wind



Skull Edge Dual Daggers {PvP} Butcher Blades {PvP} Butcher Blades {PvP} Blades of Delusion {PvP} Relic of the Saints Scroll of Wisdom Relic of the Saints Draconic Bow {PvP} Recurve Thorne Bow {PvP} Recurve Thorne Bow {PvP} Jade Claw Hell Knife Vesper Shaper - Gale {PvP} Icarus Disperser - Confusion {PvP} Hell Knife Staff of Evil Spirits Sprite's Staff Improved Flanged Mace Arcana Mace {PvP} Sacredium {PvP} Eversor Mace Staff of Evil Spirits Arcana Mace {PvP} Sacredium {PvP} Themis' Tongue {PvP} Mardil's Fan {PvP} Themis' Tongue {PvP} Diamond Drill Elegia Shield Vesper Sigil Demon Horns Scar Half Face Mask Black Half Mask (Event) The Archangels Cloak Cloak of the Hidden Abism Shadow Walker Cloak Majestic Boots Vorpal Leather Boots Elegia Leather Boots Vesper Noble Boots Elegia Shoes Draconic Leather Boots Vesper Noble Gaiter Elegia Leather Legging Elegia Hose Vorpal Leather Legging Little Harness Olf's T-shirt Elegia Hourberk {PvP} Inferno Panzer Coat Vorpal Houberk {PvP} Elegia Tunic {PvP} Vesper Noble Breastplate {PvP} Draconic Leather Gloves Draconic Leather Gloves Elegia Gloves Vorpal Leather Gloves Elegia Gloves Vesper Noble Gauntlet Majestic Gauntlets Elegia Leather Gloves Top-Grade Magic Pouch Mithril Belt Top-grade Magic Ornament Mithril Belt Santa's Antlers Silent Scream's Mask Formal Wear Draconic Leather Armor {PvP} Majestic Leather Armor Elegia Circlet Vesper Noble Helmet Vorpal Leather Helmet Elegia Leather Helmet Draconic Leather Helmet Ring of Queen Ant Ring of Beleth Ring of Baium Necklace of Valakas Asofe Pendant Blessed Earring of Zaken Earring of Antharas Red Talisman of Maximum Clarity Red Talisman of Maximum Clarity Black Talisman - Mending Agathion Seal Bracelet - Aden Blue Talisman - Greater Healing Yellow Talisman - Evasion Blue Talisman - Greater Healing Enhanced Mithril Bracelet White Talisman of Bravery Yellow Talisman - Evasion Agathion Summon Bracelet - Knight Agathion Seal Bracelet - Antharas Light Purple-Maned Horse Mount Bracelet Light Purple-Maned Horse Mount Bracelet Blue Talisman - Buff Steal Black Talisman - Free Speech Black Talisman - Rescue Blue Talisman - Divine Protection Blue Talisman of Evasion Blue Talisman of Magic Defense Blue Talisman of Defense Yellow Talisman of Arcane Defense Yellow Talisman of Alacrity Black Talisman - Arcane Freedom Black Talisman - Vocalization Yellow Talisman of Evasion Yellow Talisman of Speed Black Talisman - Escape


Adena Scroll of Escape Scroll of Resurrection Scroll of Resurrection Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-Grade) Shining Arrow Greater Haste Potion Greater Swift Attack Potion Crystal (S-Grade) Crystal (S-Grade) Soulshot (S-Grade) Blessed Scroll of Escape Soul Ore Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall Scroll of Escape: Castle Gemstone B Food For Wolves Spirit Ore Gold Bar Blessed Spiritshot (B-Grade) Blessed Spiritshot (A-Grade) Blessed Spiritshot (S-Grade) Hanellin's 1st Letter Hanellin's 3rd Letter White Fabric Blooded Fabric Dragon Bugle of Star Food for Strider Ancient Adena Exilium Store Energy Stone Energy Stone Greater CP Potion Greater CP Potion Blessed Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall Greater Magic Haste Potion Event - Medal of Honor Firework Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade) Beast Soulshot Blessed Beast Spiritshot Echo Crystal - Theme of Wedding Vacualite Floating Stone Scroll: Recovery (Grade S) Elixir of Life (S-Grade) Elixir of CP (S-Grade) High-Grade Life Stone -  Level 76 Top-Grade Life Stone -  Level 70 Battle Symbol Magic Symbol Fire Stone Water Stone Earth Stone Wind Stone Dark Stone Holy Stone Fire Crystal Water Crystal Earth Crystal Wind Crystal Dark Crystal Holy Crystal Giant's Codex - Discipline Knight's Epaulette Map of Hellbound Scroll of Escape: Fortress Instant Haste Potion Hot Springs CP Potion Mid-Grade Life Stone -  Level 82 Color Name Olympiad Token Warrior's Temporary Healing Potion Dion Territory Badge Giran Territory Badge Oren Territory Badge Aden Territory Badge Innadril Territory Badge Rune Territory Badge Ordinary Mercenary Certificate Enriched Pet Food for Wolves Beast Handler's Whip Golden Spice Golden Spice (S-Grade) Crystal Spice (S-Grade) Poor Necklace Recipe - Chick Gold Horn Cap (10%) Fabric of Chic Gold Horn Cap Fabric of Chic Silver Horn Cap Transformation Scroll: Zaken Olympiad Match 3 Participation Certificate Olympiad 2 Consecutive Wins Confirmation Large Dragon Bone Large Dragon Skull Red Firework Gold Firework Blue Firework White Firework Silver Firework Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll Medal of Glory Powerful Healing Potion Might Scroll Shield Scroll Scroll of Death Whisper Scroll of Guidance Empower Scroll Empower Scroll Grater Acumen Scroll Bless the Body Scroll Berserker Spirit Scroll Magic Barrier Scroll Clarity Scroll Wild Magic Scroll Wild Magic Scroll Exilium Coin Event Token Event Token Encrypted Mystra's Spellbook Encrypted Mystra's Spellbook Encrypted Mystra's Spellbook Encrypted Mystra's Spellbook Hector's Magic Book Scroll of War My achievements

Magic Skins

Dark Assassin, Lauto, Archer

$ 367.44 USD