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Bem-Vindo ao Exilium

O L2 Exilium é um servidor de L2J, que simula um ambiente de jogo similar ao jogo Lineage II. Nosso servidor foi elaborado minuciosamente, baseado em vários anos de pesquisa e experiências com Lineage II, visando o que os jogadores realmente gostam e fornecendo uma incrível experiência que você jamais terá em nenhum outro servidor. O L2 Exilium está online desde o dia 25 de Junho de 2011 e desde então, vem crescendo, cada dia mais e promovendo todos os dias, diversão garantida e ininterrupta para todos os nossos jogadores.

Últimas Notícias

Faris - 25/03/2017 By Raito | Category: Changelog

- Since last topics contents about chars luring raid bosses to unwanted spots, we have decreased the range (how far the raid can go alway from spawn).
- Reward of Fishing Achievement was reduced, to avoid over abuse.


Faris - 24/03/2017 By Raito | Category: Changelog

Conquerable halls: Fortress of Resistence, Fortress of the Dead and Devasted Castle were reworked.

Scheduled maintenance By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance on March 14, 2017 at 9h AM UTC -3 for Data Center transfer and database cleaning.

Downtime: 60-90min.

System update [IMPORTANT] By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Everyone need to apply a Fast update (or download the file below) in order to be able to login. Warn your friends please if they don't use the Launcher.

Faris - 07/03/2017 By Raito | Category: Changelog

- Fixed problem that seeds (spirit shilien, spirit phoenix, etc.) are not being triggered by magic and range attacks.
- little changes on Valakas, Antharas and Baium AI, to avoid people lure them to unapropriated areas.
- raid boss and grand boss have now stun immunity.


Faris - 23/02/2017 By Raito | Category: Changelog

- The new weapons were implemented (Dragon Claw Weapon)
- Made small adjustment in the 4 pillars arena geodata
- 7 DVC Dragons Bosses were implemented (with changes)
- Quest Legendary Tales was implemented (with changes)

New Weapons

Fragment Weapons can be earned through the Legendary Tales quest. To increase the lvl of the weapon will be necessary to drop "Dragon Claws" from the Grand Bosses: Antharas, Valakas and Baium.


When the player obtains the necessary amount to increase the level of the weapon, he only needs to go to the NPC Ishuma, located in Gludio Airship Wharf.

Scheduled maintenance By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance on February 23, 2017 at 9h AM UTC -3 for routine procedures, some updates and database cleaning.

Downtime: 30-90min.

Faris - 19/01/2017 By Raito | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Now you cant use blessed escapes during PVP flag status.

arrow.png The problem with Infinity Rod, that allows you to heal even using damage skills, should be fixed now.

Please, report any strange behavior.


arrow.png Agora não será mais possível utilizar blessed escape se vcê estiver flag.

arrow.png O problema com a Infinity Rod, que permitia curar quando se usava skills de dano, deve estar solucionado.

Favor reportar qualquer anomalidade.

Skrill and Neteller disabled By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

We no longer can offer Skrill and Neteller as a payment method, since they will remove the only way we can retrieve the money from there, which is using the Credit Card they provide. If they go back on this we'll reactivate both methods. Until then please use Paddle. We'll be also searching for new methods.

"We regret to inform you that as of 25 November 2016, we will no longer offer the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard® in your country. You will not be able to use your card but your Skrill Account remains fully functional and your balance is unaffected."

Faris - 15/10/2016 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png We managed to reduce and hamper all Geodata BUGs significantly.

arrow.png New Raid and Grand Boss restriction: Only parties or players who took at least 10% of the boss life are allowed to pick up drops.