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Welcome to the L2 Exilium

The L2 Exilium is a L2J server that was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience, in order that the players really like and providing an incredible experience that you will never have on any other server. The L2 Exilium is online since June 25th 2011 and since then has been growing every day more and promoting all day, uninterrupted and guaranteed fun to all of our players.

Latest News

Faris - 16/04/2014 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png All instances were remade (Update from L2J), this will prevent, for example, entering instances several times. Freya instance is active again. Ps: NOT TESTED.

arrow.png Is no longer allowed to use illegal characters (ºªÜØ etc) in character creation.

arrow.png War/Siege zone BUG inside Goddard Temple fixed.

arrow.png Clan Halls rent price were significantly increased. Castle/Clan Hall/Fortress functions price were also increased. This will make inactive clans lose their clan halls very fast. Just be carefull to not let your Clan WH without money. Check the new prices in game.

Scheduled maintenance By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance April 9, 2014 at 8h AM UTC -3 for database cleanup, some updates and routine procedures.

Downtime: 30-60min.

BOT Report System By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

As you may know we have an automatic protection against BOT programs that gives you a 24h computer blocking if you try to use these programs. But we do not have protection against customizable keyboards, mouses, keypads that can create macros, toothpick on the keyboards, or anything like that. And you may also know any kind of automated hunting is not allowed.

So we developed the BOT Report system that uses the BOT Report tool of the Lineage 2.

Now you are able to use the BOT Report tool to report someone that you think it's hunting in a automated way. The reported player can be kicked, jailed or even banned depending on how many times he has been reported.

- Leia mais

Scheduled mainteinancce By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance February 3, 2014 at 9h AM UTC -3 for updates and routine procedures.

Downtime: 30-50min.

Bloody Sunday By Licozo | Category: Events and Promotions

Every non-Siege Sundays the Fame given in the PvP Zones (Scroll of War zones) will be the double (2x).

We hope to see a lot of PvP on these weekends!

Faris - 13/12/2013 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Freya drops added to the right Freya

arrow.png Orange Talismans added to Galius

arrow.png Seed of annihilation PvP is running again

Some Heads Up By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

arrow.png Any kind of automated hunting is not allowed. We have protection against BOT programs, but we don't have protection against toothpick on the keyboard, customizable keypads/keyboards/mouses or any kind of macros that can make you able to hunt in a automated way. You can get permanently banned if we find you hunting like that.

Some people was already banned because of that so we're warning here to get it very clear.

arrow.png We're finding a lot of Private Stores oppened in forbbiden zones. Some people are teleporting their stores to these locations. This is obviosly not allowed and you will be punished if you do that.

- Leia mais

Problems to login? By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Some people are having problems to login to the server. Critical Errors, or Engine.dll problems, etc.

Well, all you need to do is a Fast Update with our Launcher. But I know that some people are not able to do that correctly.

So, choose your problem and follow the instructions:

Critical Error problems

1. DELETE your system folder from your Lineage II folder.

2. Download this system folder: http://www.exiliumworld.com/resources/system.zip

3. Extract the new system to your Lineage II folder

4. Open the Game through the l2.exe (do not open the Launcher, let's see if it will work for you oppening only the l2.exe, if work then you think about open throught the Launcher or not)

- Leia mais

Secondary Autentication (PIN code) enabled By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

We have enabled the Secondary Autentication (PIN code) to increase your account security.

Before login your character's you'll need to set up the PIN code (the secondary password) and each time you want to login one of your character's of this account you'll need to type this password.


Set up this password for all your accounts as soon as possible. This is for your security and I personally consider this password more safe than your account's password! So choose a difficult password, don't tell it to anyone.

Note: You can't recover it in case of lost. Make sure to write it in somewhere safe.

- Leia mais

Faris - 24/10/2013 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Secondary Autentication (PIN code) enabled.

arrow.png Geodatas of Primeval Isle, Dragon Valley Cave and Olympiad Arenas replaced. (We just replaced some files from another Geodata, I hope this help to fix some problems in these places).

arrow.png Sub-class skills certification problems solved.

arrow.png Gate Chant, Party Recall and .gotolove blocked in all events.