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New Launcher and Interface
Due to the Crash and DC problems with the interface we were using, we've decided to replace it with a cleaner and lighter interface. Please download the Launcher again from our Website in order to access the update of the new interface. And please report to us if the Crash and DC problems keep happening.

PS: You need to do a FULL UPDATE with new launcher.
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New OVH Test Proxy online
Since yesterday the server is running under a new Proxy machine. We've moved from Amazon to OVH in order to test if the Disconnects will continue to happen. If yes, that means the Disconnects are not an issue of the Amazon network.

Please report to us if the disconnects are still happening or not.
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Faris - 15/09/2020
-> Due to the problems we were having with the last launcher, we decided to develop a new one using the design of the previous one.
-Link 1 (Launcher H5) *
-Link 2 (Launcher Fafurion)

* The h5 full client link (on the website) has also been updated.

-> Changes done during the week:
- Survivor event has been changed to a new map and a damage zone has been added. That zone will decrease as the event comes to an end. (the zone working "similar" to the zone of battle royale games).
- Some server modifications have been done to avoid disconnect problems due floods.
- Hardins has been removed from the list of participating SOW areas.
- Fixed the problem of falling under the map during the Freya quest.
- Added the option to enter Freya with mystra.
- Fixed the problem of magic skills having a high chance of being resisted.
- The number of mobs in Frintezza rooms has been reduced.
- The waiting time for the Frintezza spawn has been reduced.
- Some modifications were made to the geoengine parameters, this change aims to prevent people from being trapped in walls during movement (experimental change, fine adjustment may be necessary).
- Some restrictions on private stores have been added in some points of Giran, in order to avoid agglomerations of stores close to some npcs, making it difficult to access them.
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Faris - 14/08/2020
Interface update (Download Link)

Now you will be able to clear game cache every time that you want, not only every 10min. Also was added some custom shortcuts to remove hide effects/fog.

- Hide all effects: left Ctrl + End
- Clear cache: left Ctrl + Insert
- Increase character rendering range / NPC: left Ctrl + pageUP
- Decrease character rendering range / npc: left Ctrl + pageDown
- Hide fog: left Ctrl + F

Added to that, we modified the system folder to allow people to log in with a clean interface.

In other words, the player will use the "system-e" folder to play in the new interface and the "System" folder to play in the lineage 2 default/retail interface.

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