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Server Maintenance!
Server will be offline so we can apply the necessary modifications for the implementation of our new system and interface.

ETA: 1h

Note: You will need to use the new launcher to download the new files, otherwise you will not be able to login. The new system will have the name "system-e", this will be the system used for the new interface.

Note2: Preliminary tests were done on a test server and everything went well, we hope that the same will happen in Faris after updating our protection to accept the new protocol. If we still encounter problems with our protection, we will return to using the old protection and the login must be done through the "system" folder as always.

Note3: The fafurion client will not be changed, that means its use does not depend on the changes we will make today.

Note4: Launcher download link: https://www.exiliumworld.com/resourc...Exilium_H5.zip

Note5: If you are facing any problem with launcher, you can download the full client: LINK H5

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New Event MAPs
Very soon (in a few days) we will be putting our currtent events to run in new maps. These are custom maps and this means you will have to update the Launcher.

We added a new H5 Launcher (it's available on the website already). Go there, download and update it.

These updates are also available on the Fafurion Launcher.

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Exilium World 9 year Anniversary.
We're completing 9 years online! And to celebrate we have the so already expected 2x Exilium Coins promotion.

[SIZE=20px]All purchases made on June 25 will receive 100% bonus (2x more Exilium Coins)![/SIZE]

If you purchase 100 Exilium Coins, for exemple. You will receive 200! The discounts are still applicable.

This time, and to not overload the market too much with Exilium Coins, the promotion will apply only for purchases above 100 Exilium Coins. (You'll receive 2x coins only if you purchase at least 100 Exilium coins)

You don't need to pay and confirm the order on June 25. You just need to make the order, but you can pay it within 7 days (until July 2).

We will not give the bonus to anyone who has made purchases outside of the promotion period, even if they claim they were not aware of the promotion. We're already announcing 10 days antecipated and we will also announce in-game, facebook, etc.

The Promotion should start 25th 12h AM and finish by 11h59 PM of the same day (Timezone: UTC - 3).

Make sure that you're receiving the double amount when you make the order.
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Faris - 01/06/2020
We've made some Upgrades on the events as follows

Domination Event added to the Championship. You can now be the Best Player at the Domination Event and win its "skill master" at the end of each cycle.

The Best Player will be determined by the player who killed the most. You can only be the Best Player in the winner Team.

A Individual score will be placed on everyone's titles. This score will represent how much you "worth" in Fame. Killing playrers with higher scores, gives you more fame. This individual Score does not interfere in what team will win. Wins the team who stays with more players inside the Domination zone (just the way it was).

If you PVP with someone both outside the Domination zone, your score will not be increased (the kill doesn't count). To count the kill both must be inside, or at least one inside the domination zone (you or whoever you're fighting).

Fame on Deathmath event will now be delieved every kill (based on the defeated player's score) and not every 10 kills anymore. Defeat at least 10 players on the event to win the default reward at the end.

Fame on War Event event will now be delieved every kill (based on the defeated player's score) and not every 10 kills anymore.

Every Flag delivered will give you 10 individual score points (killing one player will give you 1) and will also give you 10x Fame as one kill does (delivering a flag counts as 10 normal kills).

This individual Score (the one showed in everyone's titles) will not interfere in what team will win anymore. Wins the team who delivery more flags.
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