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Latest News

Faris - 09/06/2021
Clear Cache system added to the H5 Client. To Clear game cache use the command CTRL + DEL.

Clear Cache is an exceptional tool that helps a lot to reduce the client's LAG, especially in large PVPs. During big PVPs, clear the game cache once every 5~15 minutes or as needed to drastically reduce lags and greatly improve your gameplay.

From now on, the website's change class system will deliver the Holy Pomanders to Cardinal, Eva's Saint and Shillien Saint.

Invalid elementals - BUG fixed

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Faris - 05/06/2021
From now on, Newbies (from new computers, who have recently joined the server) will receive a +20 Full Elemented Shadow Vesper Armor set and Weapon at level 84.The Shadow kit mana is 48 hours.

This initial set cannot be dropped or traded and is only intended to help newcomers on their initial journey, whether to go in PVP or to Farm, without having much effort at first.

Elemental Jewels have been added to the server, so from now on, Elements up to level 9 will be possible! For now, Jewels will drop in the farm areas and can also be aquired from events, through the Exilium Magic Box (Stones). Jewels success rate will be 20%.


For now they will not be sold on NPCs, nor can they be purchased by Exilium Coins

Due to the age of the server, where everyone already has +20 "Full elemented" sets and weapons, we thought it pertinent that the Jewels were added.

Besides the new Jewels drop mentioned above, High Level Hunting zones drops chances were reworked a little bit. See below how it turned out
Hellbound level 1
Blessed Enchants: 1,5% ⇨ 1,2%

Hellbound level 2
Blessed Enchants: 1% ⇨​ 1,4%
++ Elemental stones: 2%

Hellbound level 3
++ Elemental stones: 4%
++ Elemental crystals: 2%

Hellbound level 4
--- Ancient Enchants
++ Elemental stones: 6%
++ Elemental crystals: 4%
++ Elemental Jewels: 2%

Ancient Enchants: 0,08% ⇨ 0,1%
Ancient Enchants (Spoil): 0,12% ⇨ 0,2%
Elemental stones: 4% ⇨ 1,5%
Elemental crystals: 2,5% ⇨ 1%
++ Elemental Jewels: 0,5%

Also, from now on, stronger monsters will have greater chance and amount of drops (Celtus, Beleth Fighter, Elites from SOA, etc)

6 New Skins were added. Are they: Valkyrie, Shapeshifter, Nightmare Weaver, Wonderland, Priest and Dark Priest

New Event Battlefield added to the events schedule

The event schedule will be a little more random from now on. A list of events can happen within a timetable at random.

Catacombs & Necropolis teleports re-added to the GK

An escape effect has been added when teleporting through the GK (as was done in the new chronicles)

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Faris - 31/05/2021
Interface Updates

New Auto Potions, auto energy and auto souls

Added Inventory Search feature

Added Cancelled debuffs information

All features are available only for premium characters.
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Faris - 20/05/2021
Interface Updates

New Lobby

New character creation screen

New Casting bar

Small fixes
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