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Bem-Vindo ao Exilium

O L2 Exilium é um servidor de L2J, que simula um ambiente de jogo similar ao jogo Lineage II. Nosso servidor foi elaborado minuciosamente, baseado em vários anos de pesquisa e experiências com Lineage II, visando o que os jogadores realmente gostam e fornecendo uma incrível experiência que você jamais terá em nenhum outro servidor. O L2 Exilium está online desde o dia 25 de Junho de 2011 e desde então, vem crescendo, cada dia mais e promovendo todos os dias, diversão garantida e ininterrupta para todos os nossos jogadores.

Últimas Notícias

Faris - 29/08/2016 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Territory War date fixed.

arrow.png Drops added to Baylor and Zaken

arrow.png Grand Boss drops significantly increased (~2x more Divines, GC, GCMs, Ancient Adena, etc)

Scheduled Restart By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled restart on August 28, 2016 at 9h30 AM UTC -3 for some updates.

Downtime: 5-10min.

Faris - 22/08/2016 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.pngAll Hunting Zones reviewd and reworked. Isle of Prayer, Hellbound Island, Imperial Tomb and Primeval Isle are no longer High level hunting zones. New droplist configuration: Monastery of Silence: Adena, Ancient Adena, S80 Grade Items, Forgotten Scrolls and Blessed Enchants (1st Floor); Adena, Ancient Adena, S84 Grade Items and Blessed Enchants (2st Floor) - Challenge Level: Low and Medium. Seed of Annihilation and Dragon Valley Cave: Same as before, but now they will drop all S84 Grade Items (in different categories) instead only Elegia.

arrow.pngAll Raid and Grand Boss reviewd and reworked. All Raid Bosses were separated on the following levels: 52, 61, 76, 80 and 84. This means you will have much more useful bosses to kill (~120, intead 15-20 as before). The Drops were also increased. On the other hand, the respawn time were increased from 8-12 hours to 12-24 hours to avoid a "Boss based" game. All Grand Boss had their strenght leveled, no more unkillable or too easy to kill. The same was done to the common bosses. No changes were made on the Grand Bosses droplist. The Adventure's Guildsman will show you the new levels of the Raid Bosses and how to reach them.

Scheduled Maintenance By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Scheduled maintenance on August 22, 2016 at 9 AM UTC -3 for routine procedures and important updates.

Downtime: 10-60min.

LAGs and Disconnects By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

We are just upset and getting as much information about the problem (anything) as you are. These problems are happening almost every weekend and we only know one thing: is in the Data Center in its routers, network, etc. and it is global, ie, all data center (we have contacts there and we can say that). What we we was doing was waiting, since such a problem of such magnitude can not continue and they simply do nothing about it. When we contact the support we just received useless answers and nothing is resolved. However we are in a kind of dead end, because let's say this is the only Data Center viable for staying at the time (the only one recognized by all, and also the only one in many that we have passed that truly mitigates DDoS attacks - which in case could become a big problem if we move to another). Even we think this may be the problem (everyone hosting in one place and their infrastructure is not supporting).

Downtimes (12th and 11) By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Today and yesterday we had a few hours of downtime at daybreak because the Data Center scheduled a maintenance on our both machines website/proxy and server to replace their cooler system. The problem is that they didn't told us the time zone this would happen, that's why the server stayed offline longer than needed. They already finished both maintenances. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Vacations Bonus By Licozo | Category: Events and Promotions

To celebrate our five year anniversary and also to enjoy the July vacations period, we'll increase the Drop rate to 2x every weekend of July!

So, we'll have Drops 2x on days 2 and 3, 9 and 10, 16 and 17, 23 and 24, 30 and 31. It will be 10 days of 2x Drops. Enjoy!

Clans cleanup notice By Licozo | Category: News and Announcements

Over the years we have done many Clan Lv. 10 (or Lv. 7) promotions. This made the vast majority of Clans on the server to become Lv. 10, and what was to be an attractive and a differential became something very common, causing players to prefer to join the already consolidated Lv. 11 Clans. Often we've also gave the benefit to Clans we knew they were not going forward.

So we decided to take this benefit from all clans that participated in the promotion and which they are inactive, without members, etc. All these Clans will be deleted (Clan Halls will be released if they had any). This even was often said in emails "Make your Clan grow, we'll check after a while." Besides the obvious promotion prerequisites: to have active members.

Bring your Clan (Special Edition) By Licozo | Category: Events and Promotions

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary we will make a very special promotion in order to attract large Clans to the server.

We will give 5 Clans Lv. 10, with all skills and 10 characters equipped with Weapon and Set Elegia and Jewelrys Boss, all +10. In addition, all members of the Clan will receive a bonus of 30% more Exilium Coins on your first purchase made within 10 days.

This promotion is valid only for large clans, who have never played here before. So if you have been playing here and want to create a clan, do not waste your time trying to participate. The prerequisites are many.

I ask that those interested get in touch by email with the following information:

Faris - 16/06/2016 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png New BOT protection in place. Since we know this one blocks all BOTs we've removed all bans, but we will still ban (for 24 hours) for trying to use any program.

arrow.png New community tabs: Auction, Battlefield and Events.

The Auction tab will be something like private stores, but it will work with Exilium Coins, so pay attention on that. Everything there will be selled and bought with Exilium Coins.

The Battlefield tab is a stats and live ranking of what's going on on the current "Scroll of War" location