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Faris - 26/11/2021
We've created a new event, that we will call The World's Guardians.

It is very common for players to determine a location for PVP, and always stay in that same location, as it ends up becoming a culture (nowadays it is Cidadel, before it was DVC, for example). World Guardians aim to rotate the "Random PvP" locations between all the High Level Hunting Zones.

Very powerful guards will be spawned in all High Level Hunting Zones, EXCEPT ONE. These guards attack PK players, and FLAG players too. That is, it is impossible to do PvP on the respawn, near the guard.

The unprotected zone can be easily identified in the GK itself by its purple color, giving players a clear direction of where the PVP is taking place.

Guards will rotate between zones every 2 to 3 hours. Causing the unprotected zone (free zone for PVP) to alternate from time to time.

We hope you enjoy the event and that the "Random PVPs" become more interesting and diversified. And remember, SOW is always open for PVP!

Battlefield TAB bug fixed (I hope so)
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Faris - 24/11/2021
High Level Hunting zones reworked.

We've already changed our farm areas several times. Changing sometimes is good, after all, certain areas are always missed and it's good to remember them. But something we've never done and we're going to try this time is: Splitting the drops. Each farm area will drop a specific item.

And since they will drop only one type of item, the drop chance has been increased (by about 2~3 times the old chance)

The farm areas were organized as follows:

Monastery of Silence 1st floor
Difficulty: Low, Medium
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80, Forgotten Scrolls and Giant's Codex

Monastery of Silence 2nd Floor
Difficulty: High, Very High
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S84, Giant's Codex and Giant's Codex - Mastery

Hellbound Refugee Camp
Difficulty: Low
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80, Forgotten Scrolls and Blessed Enchants

Hellbound Entrance
Difficulty: Medium
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80, Forgotten Scrolls and Elemental Stones

Hellbound Quarry e Enchanted Megaliths
Difficulty: High
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S84, Elemental Stones and Crystals

Hellbound Cidadel
Difficulty: Very High
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S84, Elemental Stones, Crystals and Jewels

Dragon Valley Cave
Difficulty: Very High
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S84, Blessed Enchants, Ancient Enchants and Large Dragon Bones

Primeval Isle
Difficulty: High
Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S84 and Life Stones

As you can see, this separation means that there is not the best or worst farm area (as it is today). What will determine where you go, is what you want to get.

The downside is that they will be emptier as there are now more areas and players will split between them. But according to feedback from the players themselves, this is what they want: to farm in peace.

Please let us know what you think about this new setup.

Raid and Grand Boss drops reworked.

Since the drops in the farm areas were split, we thought about doing the opposite with Raid and Grand bosses. They will drop everything from now on.

In fact, they will drop items through the event boxes, which will now be called Magic Box.

Gold Bars were added to their droplist too.

As mentioned above, the Exilium Event Box will now be called Magic Box, and they can be obtained in events still, Raid, Grand Bosses, and also in Kamaloka.

Level 76 Raid Bosses no longer have drops (they do, but only Grade-S equipments, Adena and Ancient Adena). Only Raid Bosses level 80 and 84 have good drops from now on.

New Talismans were created: The Green Talismans. They can only be obtained through Magic Box - Mystic. They will increase stats by +1.

Stats fireworks have been removed from the Event boxes (they will now give the Green Talismans instead)

Kamaloka drop reworked: instead of items the mobs will drop: Adena, Gold Bars and Magic Boxes (~10% chance per mob). Also the two bosses will have the normal RB drops which is now mainly Magic Boxes.

Event rewards reworked: instead "reward levels" (0,1,2 and 3) we will now have only one level, which will receive what the level 3 is receiing today (all 4 boxes). This means newbies will get the full event reward as well. Also, 100k AA were added to the participation reward.

Participation reward: 1 Event - Medal of Honor and 100.000 Ancient Adena
Winning team or Objective Reward: All 4 Magic Boxes (Scrolls, Codex, Stones, Mystic)
Best Player: 1000 Gold Bars

Treasure Goblin and Big Foot Gold Bars drops increased

Skill Void Flow no longer give lethal strike chance
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Black Friday 2021!
We joined the Black Friday once again!

[SIZE=18px]All purchases above 50 Exilium Coins made on this Friday (From November 26, 12AM to November 26 23PM UTC -1) will receive a special bonus of 30% more coins.

This coupon is ONE TIME USE per account. After you open the order with your account, you cannot open another order with the bonus.

After the order is opened, you have seven days to pay it, otherwise it will expire and you'll lose the bonus.

Enjoy it![/SIZE]
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Faris - 20/11/2021
Two new Achievements have been created: Overcharged and Paladin

: Acquire 5000 extra Fame while already having your Fame at maximum.

This will give you an oportunity to stay with your Fame at maximum (Dauting presence Lv. 10) and use other achievements and other Fame sources to activate this one, and thus creating some kinda of "loop" where you'll sacrifice the Fame received to get more Exilium Ether. A good option if your goal is to maximize the amount of Exilium Ether while staying with the skill at the maximum level.

Reward: 10 Exilium Ether

Paladin: Defeat Zariche or Akamanah inside Scroll of War Zone.

Reward: 100 Exilium Ether and 5000 Fame.

All event achievements (Battles Master, War Master, etc...) will now require 3 wins instead of 5. Their reward is: 1000 Exilium Ether and 10000 Fame.

Fame given at the Scroll of War increased (2x)

Few bugs on the new two events fixed

Achievement window reworked. The color of the Achievement will represent if it's repeatable or not. Green is the repeatable ones, Orange is the non-repeatable ones.

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