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Faris - 16/02/2021
Enchanted Buffs added to the NPC Buffer. It can only be accessed by Premium members.

Mysterious Scroll can now be obtained by Ancient Adena.
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Faris - 14/02/2021
Skill Relax was reworked and added to all Fighter Classes (Learned at level 15). Now it will fastly regenerates your HP, but it will decrease defense while using it. It cannot be used inside Olympiads.

HP Recovery Bonus +215 per second. While sitting, 1 MP is consumed per sec. Decreases Evasion by 10 and P. and M. Def by 30%.

Zealot Sword and Polearm bonuses reworked in an attempt to compensate somehow the lack of Big blunt Dragon Weapons. When using a Sword/Big Sword or Polearm Critical rate will be increased by 130 (100 before) and Critical Damage increased by 10% (0% before)

Skill Wild Shot reuse delay decreased and Critical chance increased.
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Faris - 08/02/2021
New Premium benefits: Increased EXP/SP. Premium members will receive 30% more EXP and SP when hunting.

New Fafurion Dragon Weapons fully added (Fragment Quest, status, NPCs, etc)

Missing glow when Fafurion weapons are augmented fixed

Premium Inventory Weight fixed

Premium Item added to fafurion (only the item itself, interface is not ready yet)
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Faris - 02/02/2021
New players (that have never played here before) will now start with a 7-day Premium member benefit.
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