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Faris - 05/07/2021
Kamaloka (level 83) will now be a Premium solo farm zone. Only premium characters will be able to enter the instance and only once a day. The looting is pretty good and the monsters and bosses can be easily killed. The instance will take 10-15 minutes to complete and the farm will be equivalent to ~1 hour of farming on other hunting zones such as Hellbound or SOA. If you have more than one Premium character you'll be able to make the instance once with each character since the Kamaloka restriction is applied only on the character. Newbie characters (with the free premium version) can enter only once, and then must buy the Premium so they can enter again.

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
-5 Speed (outside boost removed inside)
-47 Critical rate (outside boost removed inside)
-10% Gain HP (totalyzing -60% now)
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Faris - 28/06/2021
Added option to hide Cloak on Gabrielle Bonheur (.dressme)

Debuff proficiencies and vulnerabilities fixed (they were not working properly). PS: This fix will affect only few skills not all "debuffs".

Interface Updates

Added target debuff view system, which will allow players to see other player's and monsters debuffs on the target window


Added new Damage on Screen system with several new options (including received damage)


​​​​​​​ Added new Auto Enchant window design


Small fix on the Auto Potions feature

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SOW 2x Fame for the Weekend
Exilium is celebrating its 10th anniversary today and to celebrate it a little more we will be placing 2x Fame in the SOW zones over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Today was Farm day, with 2x drops, tomorrow and then will be PVP day, with 2x Fame!
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Faris - 23/06/2021
From now on, bans for those who use bots (adrenaline) will happen automatically. It will not be informed here in the forum who was or was not banned.

From now on, Stuns will cancel Stuns. If you are under the effect of Stun and take another (successful) Stun on top, one will cancel the other. In other words, no more Stuns being renewed or replaced by other stun

The formula for removing Stuns through damage has been reworked. Now your CON will influence the chance of the stun being removed when taking damage. The same is true for Fear, but in the case of Fear, the stat that will influence is MEN. In addition to the influence of CON and MEN, the formula itself has been changed.

Skill Summon Phantom Cubic added to Bladedancer

Skill Summon Life Cubic added to Swordsinger

Skill Deadly Strike will now inflicts Stun as well (3s)

Skill Dance of Medusa will now consumes the enemy's MP as well

Skill Hawk Spirit Totem reworked. New status are set up as follows:

Increases Accuracy by 12, Critical Rate by 100, Critical Damage by 30% and Skills Damage by 30%. Also, ncreases PvP Physycal and Skills Damage by 30%

Skill Bison Spirit Totem reworkd. It will now be called Wild Roar. New status are set up as follows:

Shouts loudly to invoke the power of the Bison. Increases Accuracy by 3 and P.Atk by 10%. Additionally increases P.Atk by 20% when HP is below 60%. Available when HP is below 60%. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.

It will be possible to combo with other Totems.

Skill Shield Bash duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds

Skill Shield Stun chance increased

Gain HP will now affect Heal Over Time. This means the Gain HP nerf doomcryer received inside olympiad will affect his Chant of Life over time healing too.

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
Phoenix Knight
-15% Stun Proficience
Hell Knight
-10% Stun Proficience
Sword Muse
-15% Stun Proficience
-5% Root Proficience
-5% Derangement Proficience
-30% Gain HP
Spectral Dancer
-10% Stun Proficience
Eva's Saint
-30% Gain HP
Shillien Saint
-30% Gain HP
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