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Faris - 10/04/2021
Skill Mass Recharge have been remade. It will now be called Soul Obliteration. Instead recharging Party members mana, it will cause an explosion that will consume the entire mana of nearby enemies. It will also apply an anchor effect, lasting for 5s. During its effect, HP and MP natural regeneration will be set to 0. Skill Radius is 250 and Reuse Delay 20 minutes static.

Skill Blessed Blood have been modified. It will now be applied to all party members and it will be activated with any kind of damage (and not just physhycal hits). Its power and activation chance has also been increased.

Skill Lord of Vampire have been modified. t will now be applied to all party members.

Skill Thorn Root chance and power increased. An additional effect have been added: It will now set enemy's HP and MP regeneration to 0 during its effect.

Skill Steeal Essence reuse delay reduced a bit.

Skill Bomb Attack power and lethal chance increased a bit.

Skill Recharge will now affect all Party members and heal by %. Starting at 15% and 30% fully enchanted.

Skill Blessing of Eva will now affect all Party members. Reuse delay increased to 10 minutes static.

Skill Mass Purify will now remove Stun effects as well.

Skill Mass Vitalize reuse delay decreased (to the same as Major Group Heal)
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Faris - 06/04/2021
Dances, Songs and Chants that are enchanted on the Cost route, will now give the normal +0 version of the buff to all party members as well.

Hero Weapons improved. They will now give a +1 base stats as well. All fighter weapons will give +1 STR and all mage weapons will give +1 INT.
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The "Black Market" is illegal!
The "Black Market" is illegal. Never buy Exilium Coins (or any other item) from others. The only place allowed to buy Exilium Coins is through our website.

Buying any items from other players for real money, especially from "sellers" may result in a permanent ban.

The REAL problem

When you make a SPORADIC and ISOLATED purchase, for example, from a friend you trust, who is stopping playing and wants to sell his character, we honestly don't care.

Don't get it wrong. You can still be punished in a situation like this, especially if you get caught in the "crossfire" of the situation that we will explain below. In addition, you can easily be harmed, as there is no security in these transactions.

Having said that, we want to elucidate the REAL problem, which lies in purchases from SELLERS. These sellers use BOTs, BUGs, or other fraudulent methods to obtain items.

When someone comments to you about "someone who sells cheap coins", RUN!

Run away from salespeople, as they are most likely using fraudulent methods to manufacture items and we will find out sooner or later, and punish everyone involved (often with a permanent ban)

It is a double loss situation. You lose money, and the server loses player.

It is also important to note that the server survives from selling coins through our website. When you buy items from other people, you are actively damaging the server. Server in which you play on, and are investing money (in one way or another).

One of our biggest advertisements is to say that we offer long-lasting gameplay, and that we have been online for almost 10 years. Do not ruin your opportunity to play indefinitely and end up losing your account for foolishness.

So, think carefully, because the cheap is always expensive.
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ATENÇÃO! FRAUDE de Exilium Coins
Uma pessoa está fraudando compras de Exilium Coins pelo Pagseguro, muito provavelmente para vendê-las no mercado negro. Essa pessoa está fazendo diversas compras com nomes fictícios na tentativa de abrir disputas e pegar seu dinheiro de volta.


Já estamos banindo todos os envolvidos, e como sempre, tem muito envolvido!

Também entrando em contato com nosso gerente do Pagseguro, que posteriormente tomará as medidas cabíveis e possivelmente contatar autoridades.
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