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Faris - 14/05/2021
A balancing system between the teams of the events has been developed. Class styles will now be distributed evenly between teams. (Warrior, Rogue, Knight, Summoner, Wyzard, Healer and Enchanter)

* Needs to be tested live

The Score of the event teams will be shown on the screen

The geoengine settings have been changed so that the paths generated by it avoid more the obstacles. Thus, avoiding more getting stuck in the wall or "bumping" on things during the movement

Improvements made on the Smart Animation system
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New Data Center and Proxies configuration
Since today the server is running in a new Data Center, with slightly better hardware. Our other machine was already old and it was time to change. And as said, the data center was also changed.

We also made a different proxies configuration, which after a few analyzes and tests proved to be faster. This new configuration will take greater advantage of our Amazon Global Accelerator system.

According to our tests, ping will be up to 15ms faster for all locations in the world, varying by location. In addition, the connection route will be more guaranteed, avoiding packet loss or other connection problems.

We are warning you in case you notice any improvement, to know why, as well as if you notice any worsening, you can inform us.
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Faris - 03/05/2021
We created a new tutorial system for newbies, which will send messages by PM to new characters, with several tips and relevant information about the game and the server as they level up

Dances, Songs and Chants enchanted on Cost route returning +0 after being cancelled or after relogin - BUG fixed

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Faris - 03/05/2021
Some skills will not consume buff slots anymore, and they'll also bypass the Buff Shield, since they are harmless and only do good. So far, the list of skills with these characteristics will be this: Dance of Blade Storm, Dance of Shadows, Chant of Life, Heart of Pa'agrio and Greater Group Heal

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
Evas Templar
+5% PvP Physical Damage (removed from nerf)
+5% PvP Physical Damage (removed from nerf)
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