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Faris - 18/04/2021
We've created a new system that we'll call "Smart Animation" [BETA TEST].

This system was created to reduce lags and improve the gameplay, specially on mass PvPs and aglomerattions. It works by reducing the amount of animations you'll see from other players, specially if they are from far distance, or when there's a lot of people agglomerated one specific sopt. In other words: you don't need to see every CP potion people use, every "Patience" that's triggered or every heal - you'll only see the necessary, when necessary. If you already play with the "Hide Animations" options enabled, we suggest you to disable them and try this new way.

Signet (bubbles) not attacking monsters and not working properly when clan variables were included to the formula - BUGs fixed

Dances returining to all party members after being cancelled - BUG fixed

From now on, all "Mana damage overtime" skills will also inhibits natural MP regeneration. Some were that way already, and others added to the list: All Vortex and Arcane Chaos.

Skill Shoulder Charge chance reduced

Skill Rush Impact (Kamael) chance increased

Skill Bluff chance increased

Skill Seal of Despair chance reduced

Skill Seal of Suspension chance reduced

Skill Dance of Medusa chance reduced

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
-5% Stun proficience (boost removed)
Moonlight Sentinel
-5% Stun proficience (boost removed)
Ghost Sentinel
-5% Stun proficience (boost removed)
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Faris - 15/04/2021
Two new skills from the newst Chronicles have been added:

Brilliant Purge added to Shillien Saint and Evas Saint. Leaned at level 83.

Cancels all party members' debuffs and makes them immune to debuffs for 7 sec.
Summon Tree of Life added to Evas Saint. Learned at level 83.

Summons a Tree of Life. The summoned tree heals nearby allies. Can also cast a debuff canceling blessing.
All Buff Signets (bubbles) were reworked (BUG fixes and improvements).

The Buff signets will now affect only allies, which is: Neutral players, Party members, Ally members or Command channel members. It will not affect enemies anymore (flagged players or enemies inside a Siege zone)

All buffs have been improved, specially Symbol of Resistance and Symbol of Honor.

All Signet buffs from now on will not count buff slots anymore, they'll behave like triggered buffs.

Skill Symbol of Noise will act quicker now (less delay until it triggers)

Skill Soul Obliteration chance will now be 100%

Skill Blessing of Eva will remove all debuffs 100% (and not by rate as before)

Skill Mass Vitalize power increased.
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Faris - 13/04/2021
All Cancellation skills (Cancellation, TOD, Steal Divinity, Banes, etc.) will now return the buffs after 20 seconds, and not 30 seconds as before.

Skills Mage/Warrior Bane and Mass Mage/Warrior Bane chance is now 100%. Reuse delay has been increased. Also, a debuff icon will be shown when you're under the cancel effect to facilitate the view.

A debuff icon will be shown when you're under the Dagger cancellation effect to facilitate the view as well, just like all the others.

Skill Curse Disease will now affect the target and a small area around it (Radius=200). Chance has been increased.

Skill Seal of Disease chance increased.

Skill Seal of Gloom will now work only as a debuff (and not as a "ManaDam" plus debuff). Chance has been increased.
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Faris - 10/04/2021
Skill Mass Recharge have been remade. It will now be called Soul Obliteration. Instead recharging Party members mana, it will cause an explosion that will consume the entire mana of nearby enemies. It will also apply an anchor effect, lasting for 5s. During its effect, HP and MP natural regeneration will be set to 0. Skill Radius is 250 and Reuse Delay 20 minutes static.

Skill Blessed Blood have been modified. It will now be applied to all party members and it will be activated with any kind of damage (and not just physhycal hits). Its power and activation chance has also been increased.

Skill Lord of Vampire have been modified. t will now be applied to all party members.

Skill Thorn Root chance and power increased. An additional effect have been added: It will now set enemy's HP and MP regeneration to 0 during its effect.

Skill Steeal Essence reuse delay reduced a bit.

Skill Bomb Attack power and lethal chance increased a bit.

Skill Recharge will now affect all Party members and heal by %. Starting at 15% and 30% fully enchanted.

Skill Blessing of Eva will now affect all Party members. Reuse delay increased to 10 minutes static.

Skill Mass Purify will now remove Stun effects as well.

Skill Mass Vitalize reuse delay decreased (to the same as Major Group Heal)
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