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New Launcher; Interface Online; 10Gbps Port Speed
Our new interface is now online and avalable on our website and launcher. However, you'll need to download a new Launcher, which is also available on our website (we managed to put the old one back to work - the one we're using now is a "generic")

The Game download is also up to date.

We also ordered a 10Gbps port speed to our website machine so we can provde a better download speed to downloads and updates.

Lineage II Exilium H5 - Full Game (up to date)

New H5 Launcher

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Faris - 30/12/2020
Skill Dagger Mastery will now be activated only by Deadly Blow with 70% chance.

Silence from Infinity Stinger will now be activated only by Death Blow with 50% Chance. Silence's Power increased.

Infinity Wing had +4% Vampiric Rage added to it.

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New Anti-BOT protection
We have a new Anti-BOT protection running since yesterday. I'm creating this post to warn all those who are using boting programs, specially Adrenaline paid version because we're gathering several accounts here of players using it and we will ban these accounts! We do not wish to ban anyone and that's why I'm warning first that we are detecting!
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Faris - 28/11/2020
Demons team respawn fixed on Domination Event

Class Balancement Updates (In Progress)


Battle Whisper +5% Critical Damage, +5% P. Atk. Speed, +10% P. Atk.

Song of Silence duration reduced to 10 seconds. Reuse delay decreased.

Sword Symphony chance increased

Psycho Symphony chance increased.

+5% Root proficience

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
-10% Root proficience (existing boost, removed only inside olympiads)
-5% Derangement proficience (existing boost, removed only inside olympiads)
-5% Debuff proficience (existing boost, removed only inside olympiads)
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