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Faris - 18/01/2021
Mana Burn and Mana Storm can be used inside Olympiads Again

The Mana Damage given inside olympiads will be Half. Critical will be x2

The Mana Damage given outside the olympiads will be 30% more. Critical will be x3 (normal critical value)

Trance chance reduced.

Raging Force, Force Blaster, Force Storm, Force Burst, Force of Destruction, Hurricane Assault and Punch of Doom critical chance increased

Ogre Spirit Totem reworked. New Status:

P. Def. +30%, M Def. +30% and Critical Power +10% (P. Atk bônus removed)

Bison Spirit Totem reworked. New Status:

P Atk +15% and Critical Rate +100
When HP is 30% or lower: P Atk +30%, Critical Rate +300 and Atk. Speed +5%

Reuse delay reduced. Duration increased to 2 hours.

Fury Fists will now consume more HP.

Sonic Rage, Sonic Buster, Sonic Storm, Sonic Blaster, Double Sonic Slash and Triple Sonic Slash critical chance increased.

Critical Blow will now give +40% blow rate chance instead +30%. Reuse delay decreased.

Inside Olympiad Adjustments
+10% Magical MP Comsumption
Evas Saint
+10% Magical MP Comsumption
Shillien Saint
+10% Magical MP Comsumption
Ghost Sentinel
+5% PVP Physical Damage
​​​​​​​+5% PVP Skills Damage

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Faris - 02/01/2021
Summon Siege Golem Hittime reduce from 3 to 2 minutes.

Siege Hammer power extremely increased. It will destroy castle walls with only ~3 hits.

Castle walls can only be destroyed with Siege Golem.

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Faris - 25/12/2020
Heroic Grandeour and Heroic Dread radius reduced from 1000 to 600.

Heroic Grandeour duration reduced from 60s to 30s.
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Christmas Special
All those who make any purchase over 50 Exilium Coins today (December 25 until 23:59 UTC -1) will receive a 15% bonus and a Warrior's Helmet* as gift


ATENTION: This coupon is ONE TIME USE (per account). After you open the order with your account, you cannot open another order with the bonus.

Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas to all.

Enjoy it!

* It will be delivered manually after receiving the coins.
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