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Faris - 25/01/2022
From now on, a player who tries to use any type of escape (including Party Recall or Unstuck) to a Town that is in Siege, when his clan is not registered in that siege, will be teleported to Talking Island instead. This needs to be done, otherwise blocking GK during Siege is pointless, since players can simply teleport to specific locations on the map, and from there escape to the Town they want to go.

The Button on ALT+B to teleport to the Exilium Store is now blocked during Sieges.
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Faris - 12/01/2022
From now on teleport will be blocked to a region that's under Siege. It will not be possible to use any GK to go to a Town that's under Siege.

From now on Summoning friends will be allowed during Sieges, however, you can only summon a friend to a region that's under Siege if your clan is registered as attacker or defender and if the summoned player is in your clan or ally.

From now on, non-registered players that die on a Siege zone will be teleported to the second closest Town. Only players from attackers and defenders Clans will be teleported to the same Town as the Castle.

From now on it will not be possible to use specific teleporting scrolls (eg: Scroll of Escape: Giran) to a Town that's under Siege.
A long time ago we chose to release GK during Sieges to increase movement and consequently PVP. At that time the server had only a few players and the word "Zerg" was not even known. It turns out that nowadays we sometimes suffer from lag, due to agglomerations, and also from Zerg. Blocking the teleport, which is a retail feature, has one purpose, which is precisely to avoid the Zerg. Taking these two points into consideration we decided to block GK again and make sieges more localized.
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Faris - 03/01/2022
Two new skills from the newst Chronicles have been added:

Song of Protection added to Sword Muse. Leaned at level 83.
For 30 seconds, increases party members P.Def and M.Def by 3000 and provides a chance of cancel the target of an attacking enemy.

Battle Rhapsody Dance added to Spectral Dancer. Learned at level 83.
For 30 seconds, increases party members P.Atk., M.Atk., P.Atk. Speed and Casting Speed by 30%.

All Judicator buffs had their reuse time decreased (retail reuse time, except it's static).

All Judicator debuffs chance increased.

Skill Restoration will now affect all Party members. Power increased.

All Party buffs with duration less than one minute will now be called "Special Buffs". Those buffs will not consume slots anymore and they will be placed on a special line (below the Trigger buffs). These buffs will also ignore Buff Shield, since they don't consume slots and are not harmful in any way.

What are those "special buffs"? Sonf of Protection, Battle Rhapsody Dance, Shield of Faith, Greater Group Heal, Blessed Blood, Lord of Vampire, Brilliant Purge, The Heart of Pa'agrio, Chant of Life, Restoration, Magic Impulse, Appetite for Destruction, Vampiric impulse, Protection Instinct, Soul Harmony, Spirit of Shillien, Touch of Eva, Flame Icon, Dance of Blade Storm and Prahnah

Party Window modified to accomodate the special buffs mentioned above. Two new buff views were created: Trigger/Special and Debuffs/Special

Summons buff view have also been modified to accommodate the special buffs.

Skill Dance of Shadows can now be used inside Olympiads again

Skills Flame Icon, Touch of Eva and Spirit of Shillien reuse delay reduced from 7 to 5min static.

Skill Touch of Eva will now replace Flame Icon and Spirit of Shillien instead replacing Touch of Life.
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The Exilium World wishes to all of you a happy new year!
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