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Welcome to the L2 Exilium

The L2 Exilium is a L2J server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Our server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience with Lineage II, in order that the players really like and providing an incredible experience that you will never have on any other server. The L2 Exilium is online since June 25th 2011 and since then has been growing every day more and promoting all day, uninterrupted and guaranteed fun to all of our players.

Latest News

June 25 - 2x Exilium Coins! 2019 By GeniZeppelin | Category: Events and Promotions

All purchases made on June 25 will receive 100% bonus (2x more Exilium Coins)!

If you purchase 10 Exilium Coins, for exemple. You will receive 20! The other bonuses are still applicable.

You don't need to pay and confirm the order on June 25. You just need to make the order, but you can pay it within 7 days (until July 2).

We will not give the bonus to anyone who has made purchases outside of the promotion period, even if they claim they were not aware of the promotion. We're already announcing 10 days antecipated and we will also announce in-game, facebook, etc.

The Promotion should start 25th 12h AM and finish by 11h59 PM of the same day (Timezone: UTC - 3). Make sure that you're receiving the double amount when you make the order.

Faris - 05/06/2019 By Raito | Category: Changelog

- Fixed problem with symbol of noise.
- Fixed problem about receive buff in subclass.
- "Cancel" skills changed. Now they will not land until the previous cancel finishes (return buffs). This will happens only from same cancel skill: if a player receive cancellation + ToD, they will loose buffs on both skills. If a player receive cancellation + cancellation or ToD + ToD, only the first skill will works.

To properly see those cancel skills changes, you will have to download the following file and put it in system folder.


Faris - 03/06/2019 By Raito | Category: Changelog

- Added Divine Enchant B and A on Hector.

Faris - 01/05/2019 By Raito | Category: Changelog

For those players who were not able to retrieve the Olympiad tokens on the last day of the Olympiad Cycle, today we added in Olympiad Managers the possibility to claim the olympiad tokens again.


Faris - 14/04/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Your Title inside events will now show to you and everyone else your KILLS and DEATHS. It will be displayed like "K: xx | D: xx". This is just a number of how much you've killed and how many times you've been killed. The event Score, which determines the winner and loser team and also the Best Player of each event is displayed on the Event window (.event). The Score is nothing more than your KILLS minus your DEATHS.

arrow.png Now when someone reaches a Score of -5 on events, this player will stop giving Score until he kills someone (and gets the Score of -4). Also, when you reach a Score of -5, you'll stop decreasing your Score.

Faris - 02/04/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

We've made some upgrades on Spectral Dancer and Sword Muse classes in a attempt to make them more useful and playable as normal classes.

The Enchanting route COST of all Dances and Songs have been changed. Now, if you enchant Dances and Songs to COST they will become Self-buffs (will work only on you), but will give you some extra bonus. In other words, by the "cost" of not being used on all party members, they will have enhanced status.



PS: The enchanting routes TIME are disabled for now.

You must apply a Fast Update with our Launcher in order to see the skills and enchant descriptions correctly!

Faris - 21/03/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png New buffs added to the "Support Magic" of Clan Halls and Fortress: Eye of Pa'agrio +15, Pa'agrio's Fist +15, Freezing Skin +30 Power, Dark Weapon +15 Power and Invigor +30

To use these buffs you need a item called Mysterious Scroll. You can obtain this item directly by clicking on "Support Magic" on the Clan Hall or Fortress managers. Its price have been increased too.

arrow.pngA new item have been implemented: Olf's T-shirt. This item is a shirt that can be only obtained on the Olympiad Manager with Olympiad Tokens. When enchanted to +4 it will provide +744 CP plus +0.2 Mana Regen and when you enchant it to +10 it will provide +1 STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN.

Faris - 18/03/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Zombie Infection Event re-worked and added again. Also the [Event error] problem that was happening yesterday is fixed now.

The Objective of this Event is to turn 3 humans into Zombies (if you're a zombie) or to be the last "human" on it in order to Win the Event. The event is placed on Town of Dion for now. You can't leave the town during it. If you do, you'll get a severe Slow and will be removed from the event (and banned) in 30 seconds. Don't keep leaving and entering the town, because this 30s counter don't stop. To summarize, don't leave the town!

Faris - 14/03/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png Special Agathions and its skills reworked
∟ Item duration changed from 7 days to 24 hours.

∟Great Warrior's, Adventurer's and Wizard's Soul Power; Prominent Outsider Adventurer's; Power of the Golden Calf and Flute Sound skills will have now 3 minutes duration, instead 5.

∟All these skills mentioned will have also a Flame effect on the character, so other people know they're using it.

Faris - 12/03/2019 By Licozo | Category: Changelog

arrow.png New Achievements added for Events.

arrow.png Now you can increase the Vote and Event rewards you get by increasing level on its corresponding Achievements.

Lean more: https://forum.exiliumworld.com/showthread.php?15366

arrow.png Some events had it's "bonus" immediate reward (usually given by killing someone, opening one treasure chest, etc) to a Objective reward. On Deathmath, Survivor, Lucky Chests and further on Zombie Infection you'll have an Objective to accomplish, and then, when the event ends, you can get a reward from it or not. These rewards are listed on the topic above.