Exilium World - L2J Server


Experience (EXP) 100x
Skill Points (SP) 100x
Adena 100x
Drop Itens 1x
Quest Experience (EXP) 10x
Quest Skill Points (SP) 10x
Quest Adena 10x
Quest Drop Itens 30x
Spoil 1x
Weight Limit 7x
Manor 5x
Extract Fish 3x
Safe Enchant 3
Max. Enchant 20
Normal Scroll chance Variable Chance
Blessed Scroll chance Variable Chance
Ancient Scroll chance Variable Chance
Divine Scroll chance Variable Chance
Elemental Max. Level Level 7
Elemental Stone chance 60%
Elemental Crystal chance 40%
Server, Site and Forum Time UTC - 1
Buffs, Dances and songs Duration 2 hours
Buff Slots 24
Dances and Songs Slots 12
Max. Clients per PC 5
Min Abnormal status chance 9%
Max Abnormal status chance 70%
Olympiads Max. Enchant 20
Anti-Bot (Gameguard)
Geodata and Pathnodes
Sub-Class acumulative
Sub-Classe Quest
Sub-Classe Max Level 85
Classe Master
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Loot
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot
Vitality System
Cancel Returns buffs
Wedding System
Damage on Screen (Oficial)

All game hunting areas exclusively drop Adena, Ancient Adena and equipment, varying only according to their level. The other drops, considered disposable in a PvP server (materials, recipes, parts, etc.) have been completely removed from the game. Also there are so-called "High level hunting zones", which can be accessed through Mystra (Global Gatekeeper). Are they:

Hellbound Refugee Camp

Difficulty: Low

Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Forgotten Scrolls, Equipments S80 and Blessed Enchants.

Spoil: Ancient Adena and Blessed Enchants

Hellbound Entrance

Difficulty: Medium

Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80-S84 and Blessed Enchants.

Spoil: Ancient Adena and Blessed Enchants

Hellbound Quarry e Enchanted Megaliths

Difficulty: High

Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80-S84 and Blessed Enchants.

Spoil: Ancient Adena e Blessed Enchants

Hellbound Citadel

Difficulty: Very High

Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80-S84, Blessed Enchants, Ancient Enchants and Giant's Codex.

Spoil: Ancient Adena and Giant's Codex

Seed of Annihilation

Difficulty: Very High

Loot: Adena, Ancient Adena, Equipments S80-S84, Elemental Stones and Crystals, Blessed and Ancient Enchants.

Spoil: Ancient Adena, Blessed and Ancient Enchants

Raid and Grand Bosses

All Raid and Grand Bosses in the game have modified drops and status. There are more than 120 Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses with epic battles waiting for you!

The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary according to your level.

Drops may include: Ancient Adena, Equipment, Mystra's Spellbook, Giant's Codex, Ancient and Divine Enchants, Boss Weapons, Boss Jewels and Dragon Claws.

It is not necessary to do Quest to go to the Grand Boss, it is possible to teleport directly through Mystra (Global Gatekeeper) through the option "Mystra's Speallbook Teleport ".


The Achievements system was created with the intention of providing a broader and more fun gameplay, which allows the player to complete missions of different types and levels naturally as he evolves in the game.

For each mission completed, rewards are given, which vary according to the mission and level completed.

To find out more, open the item called "My Achievements" in your inventory.


The PvP here is loose 24 hours a day. And not only that, through PvP itself, it is possible to acquire the best items!

In your inventory there is an item called Scroll of War. When using it, you are teleported directly to a battlefield. The battlefields are various and change from time to time. Players who participate in PvP within them receive Fame as time passes, and the more PvP, the more fame is received! This Fame can be used to obtain rare and exclusive items through the NPC Hector as well as for the standard features of the game.

Classes Balancement

Class balancing here is taken seriously! As it is a server focused on PvP, the idea is that all classes are playable. This is done through a remastering of the classes and through continuous work.

Very strong classes have been weakened, very weak classes have been strengthened, skills and chances are continually being worked on and modified, and much more.

Here, even classes forgotten over the years have their role and are 100% playable, such as Bards (Blade Dancers, Swordsinger), Summoners and Enchanters.

Automatic Events

There are six automatic events on our server. They are: Battles, War, Domination, Deathmatch, Survivor and Lucky Chests. Each has a unique and fun way to participate. The events take place throughout the day and rewards are given to the winners.

In addition, weekly rewards are also given to the best player in each event! To find out more, talk to NPC Hector in-game. See also the Events tab here on our website

Community Board

Access numerous exclusive features through our Community Board.

Among them, general server information, special settings for better gameplay performance, Auction House, where you can trade your items with other players, exclusive management of Clans, various types of rankings and monitoring of all server events. Use the ALT + B command to access it in the game, or open it through the "System menu".


In addition to the famous and well-known world of Lineage II, numerous customized and exclusive maps will be present in your Gameplay, in automatic events and also in hunting zones.

See the table below for our main NPCs and their respective characteristics.

NPC Description
Mystra Global Gatekeeper
Fara Armor Merchant from No-Grade to S-Grade.
Tiberius Weapon Merchant from No-Grade to S-Grade.
Ormus Merchant of consumable items (potions, scrolls, etc.).
Altair Merchant of basic accessories (jewelry, shirts, etc.).
Horadrim Buffer with practically all accessible buffs in the game.
Morgomir Merchant of the most powerful items and equipment.
Galius Merchant of magic and miscellaneous items.
Hector Events Administrator.
The Guardian Rare Items Merchant (Foundation).
Gabrielle Bonheur Magic Skins Merchant (Dressme)
Amara Ready Augments Merchant
Veldrent Individual or Party Duel Manager

All settings and features that were not informed here are Retail, ie equal to the Lineage II official, or was considered irrelevant.