Exilium World - L2J Server

Terms of Use

General Terms

01. Every user must understand and accept that playing in Exilium World is a privilege, not a right. Everything provided by Exilium World to its users belongs to Exilium World, not to the users.

02. Every user must understand and accept that they play in Exilium World for free, with no mandatory payments involved. Therefore, there are no legal contractual obligations for services by Exilium World to the user.

By creating your account you must understand and accept that you are not a client of Exilium World, and that Exilium World is in no way providing you with any paid service or being hired by you.

03. The main channels of communication with the Exilium World Administration are our Discord Server and Emails. The presence of GMs (Game Masters) in the game is objective, conducting tests, monitoring events, and fixing problems.

04. Access to your Exilium World account is personal and non-transferable, implying that you are responsible for the security of your account. Do not share your password with anyone, not even administrators or GMs, and ensure that the computer used for the game is protected against malware. Never run programs for interacting with the game that are not provided by the Exilium World Administration, as they may contain viruses and keyloggers, which can result in the theft of your user accounts and/or items.

The Exilium World Administration is not responsible for stolen accounts, stolen items, lost, lent and not returned; lost in PK due to Karma; dropped on the ground and lost; items that have lost their enchantments due to standard game features, etc. It is up to the user to take care of the integrity and maintenance of their account, characters, and items, not the Exilium World Administration.

Our system ensures the server's security against intrusions, so any loss of account or item is generally caused by misuse or negligence of the user.

05. All user data, its accuracy, and maintenance, are the sole responsibility of the users.

The Administration will not recover or change lost, forgotten, invalidated, or deactivated user data, passwords, or registered emails. Keep your email account active and secure, as it is essential for password recovery or any verification procedures.

Any personal data loss due to personal reasons is the exclusive responsibility of the user, with the Exilium World Administration not owing any form of compensation or recovery.

06. To not overload the database, all accounts that have been inactive for ninety days (three months) or more will be deleted, along with all their belongings. Once deleted, there is no way to recover anything. To avoid this potential situation, make sure to log in to your account in the game at least once a month.

07. Exilium World reserves the right to delete or block your user account, as well as to stop our services at any time, without any prior notice, explanations, and free from any obligation to make refunds of any purchased coins, regardless of the purchase date.

08. All punishments for the breach of any term or rule herein expressed are applied to the accounts or characters of offenders, regardless of who was in control of them.

09. The official server language is Portuguese, however, we will strive hard to provide information and support to all international players.

10. It is the obligation of each user to know and follow all the terms and rules of conduct expressed herein before participating in Exilium World. Users who break any rules expressed here will not be exempt from punishment for not being aware of all our general terms and rules of conduct.

11. Exilium World reserves the right to change these terms and rules without notice, it is up to you, the user, to stay updated on them.

Code of Conduct

01. It is forbidden to impersonate any Game Master (GM) or member of the Exilium World Administration.

02. Never ask for levels, items, adenas, teleportation, or any type of benefits from any member of the Exilium World Administration, as you will not be assisted or you may even be punished depending on the circumstances.

03. It is forbidden to engage in negotiations to buy, sell, or exchange accounts, characters, and/or items from Exilium World using the game's communication channels.

This prohibition includes transactions made with real money or any form of exchange for material or virtual goods that are outside the Exilium World environment.

04. The use of BUGs or any technical fault found either in the game or on the Exilium World website that may provide advantages over other players is prohibited.

If a player identifies a BUG or any type of fault, it is their obligation to immediately report it to the Exilium World administration team.

05. The use of any software that interferes with the game, providing benefits or conveniences to the user, regardless of the degree of advantage gained over other players, is prohibited. Exilium World has security systems that detect and can permanently block the access of computers of users who attempt to use such programs.

06. The use of inappropriate language is strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to, vulgar expressions, derogatory nicknames, offensive content, pornographic, racist, or any other type of insult to other players or to the administration.

In addition, it is forbidden to invent fraudulent rumors about players or about the administration with the intention of promoting discord or depreciation.

Furthermore, cyberbullying is expressly prohibited, understood as any form of digital harassment that includes, but is not limited to, sending threatening messages, disclosing personal information without consent, and creating fake profiles, all with the aim of intimidating or humiliating other players. Such behaviors aim to harm the victim emotionally and psychologically, affecting their well-being inside and outside the virtual environment.

This policy applies to all communication channels (Chats) within the game.

The imposition of punishments for these cases will occur exclusively upon receipt of formal complaints, which must be submitted through the support channels designated for this purpose. For a complaint to be considered valid, it must include a screenshot of the incident, accompanied by the /time command, which serves as a temporal record of the event. Complaints that do not meet this criterion will be automatically disregarded, as the absence of the /time command prevents the precise verification of the moment the incident occurred.

07. Any behavior within the game that is observed and interpreted by the Administrators or Game Masters as Anti-Game behavior (Actions considered improper and of bad character) will also be subject to punishment according to the interpretation of the Exilium World Administration.

Below we will list some examples of behaviors considered Anti-Game and subject to punishment. However, this rule does not apply only to these examples, as the concept of Anti-Game behavior is not limited to them:

Intentionally losing in the Olympiads to give points to a friend, such as: removing equipment and letting the opponent win, claiming slowness, freezing, or bug with the intention of disguising for the opponent to win, not fighting properly (playing in the fight), etc.;

Disrupting or attempting to cheat in any way the Events of Exilium World, whether from automatic events or events made by the GMs. For example: being absent during events, just waiting for your team to win for you, attacking or killing members of your own team, trying to cause some bug intentionally, etc.;

Creating stores (Private Store) for Sale claiming Purchase or vice versa, selling certain items claiming to be selling others with the intention of deceiving players, lying about the price, etc.

08. The communication means provided by the game and by Exilium World exist to facilitate communication among Exilium World players about the world of Exilium World and not to be platforms for advertising the personal businesses of Exilium World users. Advertisements of players' personal businesses will not be accepted through any Exilium World communication means.

If a user wishes to advertise their website, blog, etc., through the structures of Exilium World, they should contact the Exilium World Administration through support to learn about the partnership rules.

Failure to comply with or breach of any item above may result in various types of punishments, from temporary imprisonment of the character to the definitive suspension of the account or computer of the user. It is up to the Exilium World Administration to judge the type of punishment necessary for each occurrence. Exemples of Punishments

Terms to Purchase Coins

When buying coins, be aware that you have no privilege against the other players. Everyone is exposed to the same rules, punishments and General Terms in-game and forum, having bought or not coins.

The Exilium World is not responsible for the safety and fate of yours Exilium Coins after they have been delivered to your character, nor by the items and services purchased by them. We will not refund your coins or your items if you lose them in the game by some standard characteristics of the game or some disregard for the safety of your account.

The Exilium World will not, under any circumstances, refund the purchase money of Exilium Coins. However, we guarantee that they will be delivered to your selected character within the terms and conditions set forth below.

We want to stress that all the items available for exchange Exilium Coins also can usually be obtained in the game. This means that everyone can have the same items in the game and be equally strong, regardless of whether or not purchased by Coins.

Deadlines and Delivery

The deadline for delivery of the coins varies according to the chosen mode of payment and may be a few minutes for purchases made through online transfer or credit card, or up to 72h if made through a bank.

Our system will perform the delivery of coins automatically when we receive the payment confirmation sent by the payment websites.

No need for confirmation of payment via email or shipping receipts, our system is fully automatic.

For security reasons our system only deliver the coins if your character is offline at the time the payment is approved. But do not worry, if your character is found online at the time of delivery, the order status will be marked as processing and a new delivery attempt will be made automatically every hour, until your character is offline and the delivery is made.

Disputes in payment websites, attempts to chargeback or fraudulent attitudes will not be tolerated. In these cases we will block your accounts and computers until the condition is evaluated and resolved, may the block to be permanent depending on the circumstances.

If there is any problem in the automatic delivery of coins, all you have to do is contact us through our Support Center. Do not contact us to report a problem before 24 hours after confirming your payment.