Exilium World - L2J Server

Terms of Use

General terms

Every user must understand and accept that plays in Exilium World as a benefit and not as a right. So you are a user (player) of Exilium World not a partner. Everything provided by Exilium World to the users belongs to Exilium World and not to users.

Every user must understand and accept that is playing for free at Exilium World, not having any type of required payment. So there is no contractual provision of legal services by the Exilium World to the users.

When creating your account you must understand and accept that you are not a customer of the Exilium World. Exilium World is not offering you a paid services or being hired by you, but you will be creating an user account for free on a private server as a benefit provided to you by Exilium World.

Please note that administrators of the Exilium World are doing a favor to you by providing a free server to you, and never fulfilling obligations.

The main communication with the Administration of Exilium World are from our forum and emails. The presence of the GM (Game Master) in-game is done in an objective way, testing the server and fixing problems, not interfering in any way with the users.

The Administration of Exilium World will never ask for your passwords, your accounts of the Exilium World, your characters or items, in any way or any means of contact. Never give your items, accounts or passwords to anyone that says been part of the Exilium World Administration, because we are not responsible to recovery anything if you do it and lose your items or accounts.

To avoid overloading the database, all accounts that remain inactive for ninety days (three months) or more will be deleted with all their belongings. Once deleted there is no way to recovery anything. If you want to avoid this possible situation, make sure to login your game account at least once a month.

The Exilium World reserves the right to delete or block your user account, as well as interrupt our services at any time, without any prior notice, explanation and free from any obligation to make refunds for any purchased coins, regardless of the date of purchase.

All punishments for breaking any term or rule are applied to the offenders accounts or characters regardless of who is under the control of them. This means that if any account or character break any term or rule the accounts or the characters are bound to be punished, regardless of who is under the control of them.

The official language of the server is Portuguese, however, we strive hard to provide informations and support to all international players.

It is the obligation of each user know and follow all the rules and terms before participating in Exilium World. Users who break the rules or terms of use, will be not free to be punished for not being aware of all terms and rules.

The Exilium World reserves the right to change these terms and rules without prior notice, leaving players to stay current about them.

Rules of Conduct

01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of the management team Exilium World in general with the utmost respect.

Any act of disrespect to the Administration of Exilium World or to Exilium World Server, for example, invent fraudulent rumors, lies and falsehoods about the Administration of Exilium World or to Exilium World Server, regardless of the mean of communication that is being done, will result in punishment.

02. It is forbidden to impersonate any Game Master (GM) or member of the Administration of Exilium World.

03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other server of Lineage II is prohibited in any game chat or other means of communication of the game.

04. It is not allowed to negotiate the purchase, sale or exchange of accounts, characters and/or items through the media of Exilium World, whether for real life currencies or any other type of barter of accounts, characters and/or items for real or virtual goods out of the game and/or the world of Exilium World.

05. It is forbidden the use of bugs or any kind of problem or fault found in the Game, Forum or Site that will benefit you in relation to other players in some way. If a player discovers a bug (problem / failure) in the Game, Forum or Site shall immediately report to the Administration of Exilium World.

06. Never ask for level, items, adena, teleport or any benefits to any member of the Administration of Exilium World because you will not be answered.

07. Programs that interact with the Lineage II to bring some benefit or facility, however minimal, are not allowed. If you try to use any program to interact with the Lineage II you will have your computer automatically banned.

08. Your account within the Exilium World is personal and non transferable this means that you are responsible for their own safety in the game. Never give your password to any other player, including Administrators, Game Masters, or any other person. Make sure that the computer used to play is safe.

Never run extra programs of interactivity with your Lineage II that was not provided by the Administration of Exilium World as they may contain viruses and keyloguers that will result in the theft of your user accounts and/or items.

The Administration of Exilium World are not responsible for stolen accounts, tolen items, lost items, borrowed and not returned items, dropped/lost in Pk (regardless of the situation), thrown to the ground and lost (regardless of the situation), items that have lost their options by enchanter standards of the game (regardless of the situation), etc.. The user must take care of them and not the Administration of Exilium World.

The Administration of Exilium World ensure the complete integrity and security of the server and is therefore not possible hacks invasions to steal items or accounts directly on the server, website or forum, in other words, any type of theft loguins, passwords, accounts and items are caused by carelessness or misuse of users who borrow items or accounts and try to use extra programs or cheats (cheat) that comes with keyloguers and resulted in the theft of their accounts, so only users are responsible for their own accounts and their items.

09. All user data (its veracity and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of those users.

The Administration of Exilium World will not resend you Loguins, passwords, e-mail account registration, exchange e-mail account registration because they have been forgotten or are / is invalid or disabled. Take care of your data and keep your email accounts active because it is necessary to you recover your password if you forget it.

The Administration of Exilium World is not responsible for data forgotten, lost, deleted or invalidated for any reason.

10. It is forbidden to offend other players with profanity, derogatory and offensive names, pornographic, racist and other offenses in the Global Chat (Shout, Trade and Hero Voice) and any other means of communication provided by Exilium World.

In the other chats use the command /block to not see messages from unwanted characters.

Use the Hero Chat with wisdom, because it involves reading of the entire server. Avoid unnecessary punishments.

It is also forbidden to use any game chat to incite (to flame) or manipulate the server players against the Exilium World Administration.

11. Players who lose any battle in the game and start spreading rumors of cheating on the winning player may be penalized if you insist on prosecution of open chats. The Administration of Exilium World will not allow players bad losers tarnish the image of the Exilium World server because they are bad losers.

Lineage II is a game where you kill and die, is gained and lost. There is no perfect or immortal character, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

12. Any action within the game where observed and by Administration and Game Masters interpretation the attitude of Anti-Game (Actions considered improper or of evil character) will also concerning punishment according to the interpretation of Administration of Exilium World.

Below we will list some examples of attitudes considered Anti-Game and punishable. However this rule does not apply only to these examples, since the attitude of Anti-Game is not limited to them:

Purposely lose in Olympiads to give points to a friend, for example: take the equipment and let the opponent beat you, plead slow, crash or bug with the intention of covering the opponent to win, do not fight properly (play in the fight) etc..;

Disrupt or attempt to cheat in any way the events Exilium World, the automatic events or events made ​​by the GMs. Eg: stay away during the event, just waiting for your team win for you, attack or kill members of your own team, try purposely cause a bug, etc..;

Create Sales Stores claiming purchasig or vice versa, sell certain items claiming to be selling others with the intent to deceive the players, lie the price, etc..

13. The methods of communication between players available in the game exist to facilitate communication between the players on the world of Exilium World and not to be use as advertising method of the personal business of Exilium World users. Advertisements of personal business of the players will not be accepted through any communication platform of Exilium World.

If a user wishes to advertise your website, blog, etc.. through the structures of the Exilium World, please contact the Administration of Exilium World through the support, to learn our rules of partnership.

Non-compliance with or break of any item above may result in various types of punishments, from temporary Jail of the character to permanent suspension of the user's account or computer. The Exilium World Administration will judge the kind of punishment required before each occurrence. Punishment examples

Additional rules for using the Forum

The rules presented here are just additional rules related to the use of the Forum. Not being dispensable reading complete Rules and Terms of Use Exilium World.

01. The Forum is a democratic space, however, will not be admitted discriminatory comments, words, insults, aggressive expressions or parallel discussions of any aspect. Be respectful of other members and not deviate from the subject's initial topic discussions to create secondary.

Remember that the forum is an open space for you to ask questions, give suggestions, access tutorials, etc., and not to promote discord among the members or members against the Administration. All were created within the proper education, we will keep the same here.

If you notice any irregularities on the topic or response from a member, use the "Report Post" to alert the management about the same.

02. It is forbidden to disclose any form of contact in open messages. Any form of contact, as well as e-mail, phone, msn, facebook, twitter, etc., should be exchanged via PM (Private Message).

03 It is forbidden to disclose patches, libraries .Dll files .Ini or any other files or links to downloads, which are not available by Exilium World Administration itself. The measure is aimed at the safety of the player himself.

04. It is prohibited to any Flood Forum, such as post or responses without repeated use, various threads make equal in order that it be quickly read, and so on.

05. Search our forums and on our website before opening a new topic. Maybe your question or problem is already answered. Do not create threads with repeated subjects, is also considered as Flood.

06. When new threads titles use consistent with the subject matter hereof is a tool to summarize in a few words about what subject it treats the topic. Pay attention also in the area of ​​the Forum when you're opening the topic, each area of ​​the Forum is designed to address issues of different strands. Post them in the correct sessions.

07. Always help new users in the forum your questions, remember that we are a fraternal community that always helps those in need.

08. Every topic should be answered only in the language in which it was created. For example, if someone created a topic in English, all answers must be in English as well, the same goes for Portuguese and Spanish.

09. The Exilium World reserves the right at any time without prior notice or justification, delete or edit posts, signatures, comments or topics that flouted the rules of use of the Forum.

10. The Administrators and Moderators can make use of warnings and infractions or to the suspension or banning of your account Forum if you do not respect the rules laid out here. Punishment may also be applied to your character and / or their accounts within the game, according to the severity circumstantial or repetition of the offense and in accordance with the interpretation of Directors.

11. To report any irregularity to the Moderators, or make suggestions to change the content of a post, only use the PM system. (Private Message). To communicate with the Directors, use the support area on our website.

Topics that remain inactive in certain areas of the forum may be deleted automatically.

The L2Exilium, its Administrators and Moderators take no responsibility for material posted here. Poste and under your sole responsibility.

Terms to Purchase Coins

When buying coins, be aware that you have no privilege against the other players. Everyone is exposed to the same rules, punishments and General Terms in-game and forum, having bought or not coins.

The Exilium World is not responsible for the safety and fate of yours Exilium Coins after they have been delivered to your character, nor by the items and services purchased by them. We will not refund your coins or your items if you lose them in the game by some standard characteristics of the game or some disregard for the safety of your account.

The Exilium World will not, under any circumstances, refund the purchase money of Exilium Coins. However, we guarantee that they will be delivered to your selected character within the terms and conditions set forth below.

We want to stress that all the items available for exchange Exilium Coins also can usually be obtained in the game. This means that everyone can have the same items in the game and be equally strong, regardless of whether or not purchased by Coins.

Deadlines and Delivery

The deadline for delivery of the coins varies according to the chosen mode of payment and may be a few minutes for purchases made through online transfer or credit card, or up to 72h if made through a bank.

Our system will perform the delivery of coins automatically when we receive the payment confirmation sent by the payment websites.

No need for confirmation of payment via email or shipping receipts, our system is fully automatic.

For security reasons our system only deliver the coins if your character is offline at the time the payment is approved. But do not worry, if your character is found online at the time of delivery, the order status will be marked as processing and a new delivery attempt will be made automatically every hour, until your character is offline and the delivery is made.

Disputes in payment websites, attempts to chargeback or fraudulent attitudes will not be tolerated. In these cases we will block your accounts and computers until the condition is evaluated and resolved, may the block to be permanent depending on the circumstances.

If there is any problem in the automatic delivery of coins, all you have to do is contact us through our Support Center. Do not contact us to report a problem before 24 hours after confirming your payment.