Exilium World - L2J Server


L2 Exilium is a PvP server, and therefore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated. These information are available here.

Exp: 100x
SP: 100x
Adena: 300x
Drop: 1x
Drop Quest: 30x
Spoil: 1x
Weight Limit: 7x
Manor: 5x
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +20
Normal Enchant: 66% Chance.
Blessed Enchant: 66% Chance and doesn't crystallize.
Ancient Enchant: 76% Chance - Safe Enchant.
Divine Enchant: 100% Chance.

Custom Areas

Hellbound Island

In Hellbound Island the Monsters and Drops have different Status. Each area of the island differs from the other by Drops and level of monsters. In each area you can find different kind of coins: Ancient Silver Coin from high level mobs and Ancient Bronze Coin from lower level mobs. Also have other drops , but with low odds. They are: Elemental Stones and Crystals, Blessed Enchants (S), Black Crystals, Moirai, Vesper, Vorpal Sets e Icarus, Vesper e Freya Weapons from the high level area mostly.

Monastery of Silence

Monastery of Silence is also a different area, such as Hellbound, but here instead of coins you can farm Cross of Einhasad and Gold Cross of Einhasad and as well as Hellbound you can find other types of drops , such as: Elemental Stones and Crystals, Moirai, Vesper, Vorpal Sets and Icarus, Vesper and Freya Weapons.

On the top floor of Monastery of Silence in the room of the Boss, is an NPC called Anays, this NPC sells some specialty items and limited by Adena. They are: Cross of Einhasad, Gold Cross of Einhasad, Event - Medals, Elemental Stones and Crystals, Blessed Enchants (S) and Giant's Codex. The items have limited quantities in the NPC and reappear in 2 to 9 hours.

Seed of Annihilation

Seed of Annihilation is the most difficult farm zone, but with better Drops. Here you can find this kind of drops: Ancient Silver Coin and Ancient Gold Coin, Elemental Stones and Crystals, Ancient Enchants (S), Elegia Sets and Freya Weapons.

Primeval Isle

Primeval Isle is also a farm area, but secondary. Here you can get more adena from mobs (Adena larger amounts than in the other areas) and Vesper items.


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Raid & Grand Boss

All Raid and Grand Bosses above level 70 have drops and status changed. The Drops include Raid Boss Blood, Ancient Gold Coins, Elegia and Freya items, Ancient Enchants, Elemental Stones and Crystal and Life Stones for Raid Bosses, and: Raid Bosses Blood, Ancient Gold Coin. Elegia and Freya items, Divine Enchants, Giant's Codex, Boss Jewels, Crystal Elemental and Life Stones for Grand Bosses.

Data Center

The L2 Exilium is a fully dedicated server establishing its infrastructure in the United States, considered the best data center in the world, Softlayer. Thus, the L2 Exilium have the opportunity to be located in a strategic position within the virtual world, offering high performance and quality.

Technical Information

Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5620 - 2.40GHz (Westmere) - 2 x 12MB cache w/HT
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition (64bit)
RAM: 12 GB DDR3 Registered 1333MHz
First Hard Drive: 300GB SA-SCSI 15K RPM
Second Hard Drive: 300GB SA-SCSI 15K RPM
Uplink Port Speeds: 1000 Mbps Public & Private Networks