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Temporary Alliances will be a new feature of the game that will replace the standard Alliance system and aims to make the game more dynamic by creating consequences for Clans that ally in certain situations, thus avoiding monopolies and excessive dominance.

How does it work?

Friendships between Clans will be automatically identified, and Clans that do not wage war against each other enough and have many common enemies can be recognized by the system as "friends." A temporary alliance can be created for a certain period of time, which will be:

🔷 14 days for Alliances created within a Siege or Territory War area

🔷 7 days for alliances created within Grand Boss zones

🔷 5 days for alliances created within Fortress Siege

🔷 1 day for alliances created in all other locations, such as SOW or other places.

After a Temporary Alliance is created, all members of the Alliance will experience the following restrictions in the game

🔷 Limit of 80 players per Siege zone per Alliance*

🔷 Limit of 50 players per Grand Boss zone per Alliance.

🔷 Limit of 20 registered players per Event per Alliance.

🔷 No Clan from the temporary alliance can control or summon Wards in Territory Wars that are not their own.

🔷 No Clan from the temporary alliance can enter the zone of another Clan's castle within the same temporary alliance.

🔷 No Clan from the temporary alliance can win the SOW (they cannot receive Clan Dominium).

🔷 No Clan from the temporary alliance can pick up the Cursed Weapons (Akamanah and Zariche) or receive drops of Cursed Bloods.

🔷 Members who leave a Clan with a Temporary Alliance will suffer a penalty of 3 days instead of 1 day before being able to join another Clan.

*If a Clan in the alliance owns a castle, they can enter their own castle's zone without restrictions. However, no other Clan from the Alliance can enter the Castle's zone, as mentioned above.

Other Information

Isolated deaths are not considered for the system, only deaths that occur in clusters.

The term "Temporary Alliance" is used only to represent Clans that have been identified as allies at some point and are currently under the effects of the aforementioned restrictions. There is no chat for the Temporary Alliance, and debuffs and area skills work among member Clans normally