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The quest A God's Weapon is done to obtain one of the most powerful weapons in the game, A Baium Weapon Fragment, which can later be strengthened with Dragon Claws.

The quest starts with Master Reorin which is located east of Oren Castle Town. You'll be coming back here many times, so keep the location in mind.

When talking to him click on the first line: "I am here to ask you to make a special weapon for me".

Reorin will inform you that the Death Lord Hallate is a ruthless cruel demon who was even able to capture his wife's soul.

Thus started its mission. You will need to kill Death Lord Hallate who is on the third floor of the Tower of Insolence (Talk with gatekeeper Mystra Aden nobless teleport)

Sometimes the door to the room where he is Where closed, but it opens by itself over time.

Kill Death Lord Hallte and after that talk to his box that will appear

After getting Reira's Soul Orb, go back around oren and talk to Reorin again.

Reorin needs 3 items you need to collect them after killing Kernon who is in TOI 8 and Longhorn Golkonda in TOI 11.

Also needs the Specter that belongs to the Death Lord Hallate, but has been captured by the Guardian of the tower who is on the top constructed floor of the tower. You will need to defeat the Cherub Galaxia guardian to receive the item (Hallate’s Infernium Scpeter).

Important: You don't necessarily need to kill in order. For information about when the quest bosses as well as others will appear, go to our website and go to the Grand and Raid Boss Status section

Kill Kernon and then talk to the box to get the specter.

Same thing with Longhorn Golkonda (TOI 11)

Same thing with Cherub Galaxia (TOI 13)

Go back to Reorin again and give him the scepters. He will use them to obtain the Infernium Varnish.

After that Reorin asks you to go to Oren's tower in the warehouse talk to Cliff a banker who has the Infernium Varnish storaged

Take the received item to Reorin

Reorin will ask you to retrieve a hammer from him that is with the blacksmith in the tower of aden Ferris

After receiving the hammer, take it to Reorin

Reorin asks you to go back to the tower of oren and talk to the trader Zenkin (He's at the weapons and armor shop)

Zenkin will tell you that he sold the mold months ago to magister Kaspar. He's at inside Hardin's Academy. To get there talk to the Gatekeeper Mystra in Giran or Oren teleports. In this tutorial I chose Giran.


Behind the NPC Minerva will be a kind of cave. (Hardins Academy)

Talk to NPC Kaspar. He will tell you that he can help you if you do him a favor.

Kaspar’s challenge he proposes is not an easy one. He wants you to get the blood of the Baium!

Kaspar gives you a Pipette Knife that you must use on Baium when he is close to death. Baium himself will start saying that you are trying to steal his noble blood.


After reaching Baium in its last moments of life, you can receive the Red Pipette Knife. Congratulations! This is the hardest part!


Return to Kaspar and hand over the knife. You will receive a Reorin’s Mold that must be given to Reorin.

Congratulations, you've fulfilled the main requirement to obtain Baium's Weapon Fragment! It's time to go on another mission that complements the one that was completed, the mission is called: "An Arrogant Quest" and the final objective will be to get “Blooded Fabric". Reorin need for complete your job. Plaease bring in to him immediately!