Exilium World - L2J Server


Although Exilium World is a free-to-play game, we offer players the opportunity to enhance their characters with Premium status, which grants them various benefits. Let's explore these exclusive advantages below.

Discover the 15 benefits that await you when you become a Premium member!

Auto Play Benefit

As a Premium member, you have access to the Auto Play tool, allowing your character to hunt automatically.

Increased EXP/SP

As a premium member, you will receive 30% more Experience (EXP) and Skill Points (SP) while hunting.

Access to Kamaloka

Premium members have access to the Kamaloka instance, where you can obtain items more quickly than in regular hunting zones.

Auto Potions

You will have the benefit of using potions automatically. This feature will appear next to your skill bar and can be configured as desired.

Auto Enchant

When opening the inventory window, you can see the icon for Auto Enchant. There, you can set items to be enchanted automatically according to your specifications.

Repeat Augment

In the Augment window, a new button will appear: the Repeat Button. By clicking on it, you can easily repeat the Augmentation process without effort, saving a lot of time.

Debuff Alert

By checking the "Debuff Alert" option in the Interface menu, you will be able to see the Debuff icon on the screen whenever you receive a debuff, making it easier to visualize the debuffs received.

Olympiad Timer

During Olympiad matches, a timer will appear on your screen, showing how much time is left for the fight to end, allowing you to have more control over your combat strategies.

Olympiad Damage

During Olympiad matches, both the damage taken and dealt will appear on your screen, giving you more control over your combat strategies.

Expanded Inventory Space

As a Premium member, you will receive an extra 36 inventory slots and an additional 12,000 weight capacity, allowing you to carry more items.

Premium Style

As a Premium member, you can change skins anytime, anywhere using the .dressme command, without the need to speak with Gabrielle Bonheur.

Premium Buffs

The Enchanted Buffs that are already available in all Clan Halls and Fortresses through the Mysterious Scroll can now be accessed by Premium members through Horadrim.

Extra Buff Schemes

Receive 4 extra Buff Scheme slots as a Premium member. This way, you will have more flexibility, allowing you to create a scheme for each different situation.

Detailed Character Status

Use the .getstats command to view detailed statistics of your character, such as resistances, critical damage power, and more.

Debug Function

Use the .debugme command to see the final chances of the skills you use on others and the skills others use on you.

Less Frequent Captcha

During your hunts, you will be required to respond to the Anti-Bot security Captcha less frequently, both automatically and when requested by other players.

Detailed Drop Information

Hold down the Shift key and left-click on any monster to see detailed drop information, such as the possible items you can get, quantities, and drop chances.

Obtaining Premium status for one of your in-game characters is a straightforward process. Simply open the Community Panel (ALT+B) and locate the 'Buy Premium' button.