Exilium World - L2J Server


19 de June de 2024
Faris - 20/06/2024

A new item has been created: "Premium Time - 1 Day". This item is capable of increasing your Premium time by 1 day. If you are not Premium, you will receive the Premium Certificate with a duration...

18 de June de 2024
Faris - 18/06/2024

The Fortress System has been reworked, and here we will discuss what has been changed and what is new
A new item has been created: Symbol of Control .
This item symbolizes territorial control...

11 de June de 2024
Faris - 11/06/2024

Skills Volcano , Cyclone , Raging Waves and Gehenna reworked. Now they have a faster rate of fire. The initial damage occurs more quickly and then, damage will be inflicted every 1 second...

10 de June de 2024
Faris - 10/06/2024

The method to level up a clan from level 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10 has been changed. Now, only 100 Blood Oaths are required to level up to level 9. For level 10, 150 Blood Oaths (no longer Blood...