Exilium World - L2J Server


 Reflect Damage will no longer activate "When attacked" trigger skills, for example: Mirage, Seed of Revenge, Counter Dash, etc. If you are attacking the target, and receiving Reflect damage, this is not to be considered "under attack" and therefore those skills should not be activated in such way. However, we've increased the actvation chance of many "When attacked" trigger skills.

 Zealot, Pain of Shillien, Flame Icon and Angelic Icon will no longer increase your Critical Power by 100%. The bonus was reduced to 60%. The -80% Gain HP was reduced to -60%. -50% to -40% on Zealot.

Comments: It doesn't need to be 100% increase.
 Bluff chance increased. All effects will work together now. No more 3 separated effects.

 Critical Damage power increased from 516 to 5160.

Comments: Don't worry because all there Critical Damage increase skills are weak, this massive increase will result in ~100 Damage more when a critical hit happens.
 Crush of Pain and Contagion power reduced by 2000.

 From now on the chance to remove Stun when attacked will be a little lower using bows and crossbows

 Protection Power trigger chance reduced from 15% to 12%

 -10% Critical Damage power nerf on all classes removed (this is an old nerf that was there and problably not even mentioned on the changelogs). Dominators, Doomcryers and Soul Hounds will keep the nerf.

 Flame Armor power increased from 43 to 273

 Seal of Suspension changed from +50% increase on Physical skills reuse to +100%

 Soul Barrier M. Def. boost reduced from 100% to 60%

Comments: This is the same idea as the Zealot and other skills: It doesn't need to be 100%.
 Spirit of Phoenix, Seed of Revenge and Eva's Will are now passive skills. You don't need to buff them everytime anymore. The levels 1,2 and 3 will trigger from the passive buff.

 +5% PvP Damage boost from Archmage and Mystic Muse reduced to +3%

  +15% Magic Critical rate from Mystic Muse reduced to +10%

 Physical Pose (from Fighter's and Archer's will) will no longer activate. The Critical rate increase bonus has been added to the passive buff.

 Expose Weak Point P.Def reduction reduced from -20% to -10%. Critical Damage vulnerability of 10% added.

Comments: This change will reduce a little the crazy skill combos but will not affect Daggers or F1 hits because of the +10% Critical Vulnerability - which doesn't affect skills.