Exilium World - L2J Server


a vast and green landscape with a castle beyond, lineage 2 game style


The best screenshot posted in our site, referring to the month it was posted will be awarded with 50 Exilium Coins!

How are screenshots analyzed?

Quality: Obviously, your screenshot must have maximum quality. Don't be afraid to use the graphics at the max to take it. It is true that some graphic cards are not that good, but anyway, it is possible, because there cannot occur lag on a screenshot.
Creativity: Maybe this one can be the decisive factor to have yours chosen. Knowing it is just a "photo" where the world map is the same for everyone, it gets somewhat hard to analyze, because there are a lot of the same. That's why the player's creativity is so important. Make something uncommon, never seen before. Funny or impactful. That's what will make yours to be chosen.
Scenario: You must be wondering what this means. Well, when you look at a picture, you wonder what was happening at that single moment. Technically your picture must tell us a story. Go to a place and just look at the camera is an example of a picture without a good scenario.
* Do not edit your screenshots, because they will be used in our site. Only clean screenshots without any edition will be approved. If you want to alter a little of the light, contrast or distinctness, you are free to do so.
* The posted screenshots must weight a maximum of 800KB, in JPEG format. For that, select "Average" or "Low" on Screenshot window, on the game options.

Event Awards

The winner will be announced  every month here on the Website and Discord. The prize will be given in-game by the GM, personally, at the end of the month.
Let's go guys. Get the best screenshots you can! Remember that the objective is to spread the knowledge about this server. So it will be always getting bigger!