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female armored paladin contemplating a dark landscape, a dark castle on the background, lineage 2 game style


The best video posted on our website for the corresponding month will be awarded up to 300 Exilium Coins!


How to create a video?

To create a video, first, you must record gameplay scenes. You can record many things, such as PvP, battles, sieges, territory wars, etc. Use your creativity. To do this, you should use video recording software, like Fraps.
After recording the scenes, you need to compile and edit them to create a video. For this, you must use other software. The most commonly used one is "Windows Movie Maker," which is very straightforward. This comes with Windows. But there are others with more editing options, like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.
After finishing the editing, you should upload your video to YouTube and then post the link on our website for others to watch.

How are the videos evaluated?

We will analyze the videos based on several criteria, assigning scores to each criterion, which will contribute to the final video rating.
Quality: Your video should have good quality. It should be free from lag. However, be cautious as you balance quality with file size. Don't let it become too heavy.
Duration: If your video is too long or contains unnecessary scenes, it becomes tedious and viewers may close it before finishing. You should know which scenes to trim to make it engaging. Just so you know, it shouldn't be too short either. It can be up to a maximum of 10 minutes, provided it's interesting or enjoyable to watch.
Creativity: This is an important and decisive factor. There's not much to say here. Just let your mind wander and come up with those incredible ideas no one has ever had before.
Editing: The most crucial factor. Everything relies on the editing. Good music, synchronization, special effects, storyline. The rendering, heavy or not, choose the right format for your video.
Video Description: Last but not least, your video should have a good description on YouTube. Server name, your name, and your class. Don't forget to include the website and basic information about the server. It's also very important to choose the right keywords, as these are what people will use to search for your video.
All these factors, assessed separately and then combined, will determine if your video is good or not. All videos will be scored, and the one with the highest score wins at the end of the month.

Event Prizes

The winner will be announced monthly on this website and on Discord. The prize will be delivered in-game by the GM, personally, at the end of each month.
Let's go, everyone! Create the best videos you can! Remember that the goal is to spread knowledge about this server. That's how it will keep growing!