Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷 The "Focus Chance" skill will now reduce your critical power by 10%.

🔷 The mana consumption reduction for the "Dagger Mastery" skill has been decreased from -60% to -30%.

🔷 Teleporting to the Warehouse through the teleport window has been fixed.

🔷 An issue with the interface timers for debuffs like "Damage over Time" has been fixed (the timer was not appearing).

🔷 In the Scroll of War zone, all Clans present will now receive Clan reputation along with the Fame already given to players. The reputation will be 10 x the number of clan members in the area. The winning Clan of the SOW will also receive an additional 5000 reputation.

🔷 The development of the Fafurion client is well advanced, and we are making it available for download. Download this client, test it, and report any problems to us.

For those who are not yet aware of the Fafurion client development: It is a newer version of the game client, which offers much better performance (less lag) than the H5, along with newer functionalities.

Launcher Download: https://exiliumworld.com/resources/Launcher%20Exilium%20Fafurion.rar