Exilium World - L2J Server


Some changes have been made to the new mechanics of Fortress Siege:

🔷Only clans level 6 or higher with at least 30 members can now register to attack forts.

🔷Clans with fewer than 30 members will have their fort removed and returned to the "Rebel Army."

🔷If a clan takes a fort from another clan, the Symbols of Control present in the captured fort will no longer be reset (bringing back the idea of being able to "loot" other forts).

🔷When a fort is lost to the "Rebel Army" for any reason, the Symbols of Control will be reset.

🔷Only one withdraw per PC per clan can be done per day. In addition to the existing limitation of only one withdraw per character, this new restriction has been added. These restrictions are considered per clan, so if you have two characters, one in each clan, and each clan has a fort, you can withdraw from both.