Exilium World - L2J Server



The news and promotions posted here on Discord will always appear in English, and sometimes they will not appear completely. To see the news in full click on the title of the same, so you can see it on our website in your language.


We will use Infractions (warns) to maintain order on our Discord server. Read and respect the rules to avoid taking infractions. You cannot have more than 3 infractions in 3 days, or 10 infractions in 30 days, otherwise you will be muted until one infraction expires and your number of infractions in that time period decreases

Website Media

Screenshots and Videos posted on our Website will automatically appear in the #media discord channel. React to Screenshots and Videos to let us know which ones are the best! This can help us decide who will be the winner of the month.


In this channel will be posted punishments given inside the game by the GM. But what we want is to see this channel as empty as possible!


Do you have a YouTube channel dedicated to Exilium World? Send us an email with your channel so that whenever you post a video we can advertise your video on the #media channel automatically along with the everyone tag so everyone can see your newest video.

PS: Unfortunately we don't have this functionality for Twitch yet.