Exilium World - L2J Server


 Mystic Muse, Archmage, Storm Screamer and Soultaker had theirs Magic Critical rate increased.

 Paralyze from Augments duration reduced from 10s to 5s.

 Critical Damage bonus from Vorpal Heavy and Light sets has been reduced from 19% to 17%.

 Mirage from PvP Light Armors chance has been reduced.

 Skill Violent Temper P. Def. reduction changed from 23% to 15%

 Skill Spoil and Spoil Festival will now consume HP to cast as well.

 Skill Soul of Pain will now consume HP to cast as well

 Skill Contagion had its mana consume and hittime increased.

 Skill Lucky Blow lethal chance reduced.

 Skill PvP Armor - Critical Down is now a debuff. This means it will reduce the damage from skills as well and it will be possible to "combo" both PvP Armor debuff and PvP Weapon buff (which was not possible before since both were buffs and one replaced the other). Chance was increased. 

 Skill Curse Fear reuse delay reduced.

 Skill Sleeping Cloud hittime, delay and chance increased.

 Skill Dark Vortex vampire increased from 20% to 40%

 Skill Lightning Strike first debuff reduced from 15s to 10s. It cannot "combo" anymore. If you cast another while the player is already paralyzed the debuff will automatically fail. Same for Lightning Shock.

 Skill Wild Roar P. Atk. bonus when below 60% HP reduced from 20% to 10%.