Exilium World - L2J Server


 Auto Follow BUG fixed. Chars will not go through walls so easily anymore.

 Auto Follow PET/Summon revealing players with Hide bug fixed

 .tournamentstats command fixed.

 War icons will no longer be displayed within events, making it less straightforward to identify your "enemies."

 Trigger skills that have a minimum damage to be activated, for example: Counter Dash, Counter Rapid Shot and many others was not working properly. They were being activated only by physical hits. This BUG is now fixed and these skills will be activated by any kind of attack.

 All transformations are now blocked inside Tournament, except for: Vanguard, Final Form, Golem Armor, Spirit of the Cat, Spirit of the Demon, Spirit of the Unicorn.

 The restrictions for creating Private Stores have been changed. There are no longer "restricted zones"; all peace zones are now unrestricted. However, there will be some new restrictions:

It will not be possible to create a store very close to another store;

It will not be possible to create a store near NPCs, obstacles, stairs, or inclines;

There is a maximum limit of 200 stores per city (300 in Giran).

 Maximum days an Offline Shop can be restored reduced from 10 to 7.

 As only a few individuals are actively pursuing Zariche and Akamanah, we have reduced the Lethal chance of the Void Flow skill. Additionally, each kill achieved with the weapon will now deduct 4 minutes from your remaining time (formerly 3 minutes). This will give you a total of 60 minutes or less to accomplish the required 60 kills to complete the Achievement, otherwise the sword will vanish.

 The bug in which Aura skills required a target to be used in events has been fixed.