Exilium World - L2J Server


 Newbie Help system is now back online with some improvements and modifications:

Reward level 1: 1000 Exilium Ethers, 1 Premium Reward Box

Reward level 2: 2000 Exilium Ethers, 1 Premium Reward Box

Reward level 3: 3000 Exilium Ethers, 1 Premium Reward Box, 1 Loyalty Certificate 

Activate the Newbie Help setting under the "Settings" tab inside the Community Board so you can get rewards by helping new players.

For security reasons only Premium characters can help newbies and only once per day.

 Temporary Alliances is reworked and a new version is online under test. All current Temporary Alliances have been removed. The identification system for who is ally or not will work differently, and if everything goes well with the tests, we will bring you more information.

 Some improvements have been made on the inferface: Implementation of Target Circle and Animation for items obtained from drops and quests. Both can be disabled under Interface Settings.