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Are you too lazy to create a tutorial about a quest and help your friends? We can give you a helping hand.
Each tutorial created in the #guides section can receive a reward.
You can receive 5, 10, or 15 Exilium Coins, depending on how good your guide or tutorial is.
After creating the new guide, send us the link to your topic to the support email, along with your character's nickname. Use the subject "New tutorial." In the body of the email, only insert the link and the nickname.
We will then deliver the reward to your character according to the tutorial's evaluation and if it meets all the prerequisites.
Only useful tutorials will be rewarded! Don't waste time trying to receive rewards by making various bad tutorials; they might just be deleted.
Your tutorial should be understandable, useful for the community, and about the game.
A good and useful tutorial should have proper formatting, be well-written, include screenshots, videos, and so on.
Your tutorial can be in any language, as long as you use the correct prefix in your topic. You can also translate it into other languages; in this case, create other topics for the translations, also selecting the correct prefix.
If you translate it into other languages, you can receive a bonus of 1-3 Exilium Coins per translation, provided the translation is correct.
Tutorial videos can also receive a bonus of 10-30 Exilium Coins depending on the quality and complexity of the video.
And obviously, don't create tutorials and guides that already exist.