Exilium World - L2J Server


Black Friday is here!

All purchases made today (November 24th) will receive a 10% bonus (10% more Exilium Coins)!

In addition, the promotion will include the following progressive bonuses:
 Purchase 50 Exilium Coins and receive 10,000 Fame;
 Purchase 100 Exilium Coins and receive a Skin Vault;
 Purchase 150 Exilium Coins and receive an Accessory Gift Box;
 Purchase 200 Exilium Coins or more and receive an Olf's T-Shirt Pack*.
*A tradable pack containing an Olf's T-shirt.

Important information

You don't need to pay and confirm your order on November 24th. You just need to place the order, but you can pay within 7 days (until December 1st).
We will not provide the bonus to anyone who made purchases outside the promotion period, even if they claim to be unaware of the promotion.
The promotion will start on the 24th at 00:00 and end at 23:59 of the same day (Time Zone: UTC - 3).
⚠ Make sure you are receiving the correct amount when placing the order.