Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷 The Teleport window can now be opened using the shortcut "F" or "ALT + F". However, this shortcut only works for Premium characters.

🔷A keyboard shortcut has been created for Clear Cache: ALT+DEL.

🔷 A new category of teleports has been added to the Teleport Window: Dynamic Destinations. In this category, you will be able to teleport to some points of interest that change according to some pre-established rules:

🌀 Current Battlefield: Takes you to the active Battlefield (Scroll of War) location of the moment.

🌀 Current Unprotected Zone: Takes you to the High Level Hunting Zone unprotected by the Valkyries at the moment ("pink zone").

🌀 Grocery Shop and Warehouse: Takes you to a Grocery Shop or Warehouse in some city or village, in the territory whose Clan owner has the highest reputation among all Clans owning territory. In this way, maintaining high reputation can attract players to your territory, and consequently more Adena collection through taxes.

🌀 First Raid Boss Alive: Takes you to the first Raid Boss alive of the choosen level the server encounters.

🔷Some Achievements from now on will also give reputation to the Clan, thus facilitating the acquisition of reputation by the Clan.
Here is the current list of achievements and their respective reputations, it's worth mentioning that this list may be changed and serves only as an initial idea:

Farmer - 10 Reputation
Champion - 10 Reputation
Raid Slayer - 100 Reputation
Defeat Grand Bosses - 30-100 Reputation
Cry me a river - 100-10000 Reputation
Master of the Arena - 100-250 Reputation
Conqueror - 100 Reputation
Gladiator - 100 Reputation
Overcharged - 10 Reputation
Paladin - 500 Reputation
Champion Inside - 1000 Reputation
Cursed Path - 500 Reputation
Hero Inside - 1000 Reputation
Event Participations - 100 Reputation
"Event" Master - 1000 Reputation
I love the Server - 100-300 Reputation

All other "minor" Achievements not mentioned can give between 10-20 or 0 Reputation.

🔷 In addition to Achievements giving Reputation, deaths within the Battlefield zone (Scroll of War) will also give 10 reputation to the clan. Remember that dying causes a loss of 10, killing gains 10.

Let's recall some old (and new) ways of gaining Clan reputation:

Reputation score gained by taking Fortress - 5000 🆕
Reputation score gained by taking Castle - 10000 🆕
Reputation score gained by defended Castle -  750
Reputation score gained per clan members of festival winning party -  200
Minimum Reputation score gained after completing 2nd class transfer under Academy - : 190
Maximum Reputation score gained after completing 2nd class transfer under Academy -  650
Reputation score gained per killed ballista - 30
Reputation score gained for one Blood Alliance - 500
Reputation score gained for 10 Blood Oaths -  200
Reputation score gained for 100 Knight's Epaulettes -  20
Reputation score gained/reduced per kill during a clan war or siege war -  10
Reputation score gained/reduced per kill inside Scroll of War zone -  10 🆕

Now let's look at ways to lose reputation:

Reputation score reduced by losing Fortress in battle - 5000 🆕
Reputation score reduced by losing Castle in battle - 10000 🆕
Reputation score reduced by creating Royal Guard - 5000
Reputation score reduced by creating Knight Unit - 10000 
Reputation score reduced by reinforcing Knight Unit (if clan level is 9 or more) - 5000
Reputation score reduced by increasing clan level:
Clan Level 6 Cost - 5000
Clan Level 7 Cost - 10000
Clan Level 8 Cost - 20000
Clan Level 9 Cost - 40000
Clan Level 10 Cost - 40000
Clan Level 11 Cost - 55000 🆕

PS: Some of them have been changed

🔷 From now on, Clans level 10 or 11 will have their reputation reduced daily. The reduction will be 10% of the current reputation plus 10 per member. This reduction cannot cause the Clan to have a negative reputation.

🔷From now on, Clans level 10 or 11 will not acquire any reputation through the Academy.

All these reputation changes aim to facilitate the leveling up of Clans up to level 10 and after that serve as a limiting agent so that we can apply certain limitations based on the Clan's reputation. For example, we can allow only Clans that have a certain reputation to register in Siege, go on Grand Boss, own Clan Hall, etc. This measure will greatly inhibit "BOT" or inactive clans.

In addition to these reputation changes, we implemented an automatic system that will monitor Clan activity throughout the day, and it will be another tool for us to assess the activity of clans, allowing them to own castle, clan hall, etc.

It's important to mention that none of these restrictions mentioned above are online yet. We have just implemented the modifications in the reputation system and will see how it behaves, to then implement these mentioned restrictions.