Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷A new duration system has been created for Debuffs. All game Debuffs now have a variable duration. They can vary between 40% and 100% of their original duration. For example, a debuff that previously lasted 10s, can now last from 4s to 10s. Debuffs with a duration less than 5s were not affected by this new feature.

The Intelligence of the one casting the Debuff (for magic skills) or Strength/Dexterity (whichever is higher) for physical skills, will influence the duration of the Debuffs. The higher your INT, STR, or DEX, the greater the chance your Debuffs will last longer. But be aware, this formula is only intended to create a small tendency for longer durations. The duration time will still be random, that is, even if you have a high status, it can still last its minimum duration.

All skill descriptions have been updated to reflect these new durations. Now you will see in the descriptions: "This debuff lasts from x to y seconds."

🔷Significant improvements have been made to the Auto Follow system. We hope that geodata bugs will now be much less frequent.

🔷A maximum of 3 Offline Stores can be opened per PC, per city. That is, you can open up to 3 stores in each city per computer. This restriction does not apply to Premium characters.

🔷Each class now has a different Final Secret. The damage bonus has been reduced from 30 to 20% and other resources have been added, specific to each class. It will be necessary for all classes that have Final Secret to purchase the Forgotten Scroll corresponding to their class again to acquire the new skill.

🔷The effects of Trigger (Counter Dash, etc) can now only be activated with physical damage or skills that deal damage. Skills like Agression no longer activate these triggers.

🔷Bottle of Souls is now banned from use within the Olympiads.

🔷All Fear skills now remove the target on their shot (if successful)

🔷Bishop and Elven Elder now have Dryad Root at its maximum level (thus being able to enchant the skill)

🔷Blow type Skills have had their formula changed to deal about 10% more damage.

🔷The skill "Pain of Sagittarius" has been changed to "Cosmic Renewal". It will heal 10% of your maximum HP.

🔷Talismans can no longer be cancelled from now on.

🔷Skill "Counterattack" now evades and reflects all damage to the target with a 70% chance.

🔷Skill "Mutual Response" had its activation chance increased

🔷Skill "Focus Chance" had its critical rate bonus reduced from 150 to 70.

🔷Skill "Warp" now consumes HP

🔷Skill "Blink" now consumes HP

🔷Skill "Servitor Share" will give +5% P. and M. Def. to the summon.

🔷Skill "Erase Mark" is now called "Unholy Heal". Consumes 10 Souls and heals 10% of maximum life. Only Soul Hound Male and Trickster have this skill.

🔷Skill "Rapid Fire" no longer reduces range, instead, it reduces Accuracy by 4.

🔷Skill "Trance" now has more chance, less time, and less range. The Time route has been fixed.

🔷Skill "Mass Cure Poison" is now called "Harmony of Freedom". Removes Hold and Silence effects from the entire party. Added only in Eva's Saint.

🔷Skill "Stun Shot" can remove the target with more chance.

Olympiad Adjustments


-5% PvP Physical Damage

-5% PvP Skill Damage


-10% PvP Skill Damage (he already has -10% PvP Physical Damage)

Administration Note

This is the first phase of our initiative to improve class balance and address previously reported issues. After analyzing the responses to the balance survey shared on Discord, we have considered all suggestions and implemented some of them. Initially, we have chosen to limit the changes, as we understand that the modification in the duration of debuffs may have a significant impact. We will wait and assess the results and feedback received before proceeding with further adjustments.