Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷Many skills that had their AOE (Area of Effect) functioning incorrectly have been fixed. For example: Rush Impact, Ghost Piercing, Flame Hawk, Multiple Shot, Warlord/DN Skills, Enuma Elish, Demolition Impact, Valakas Fire Breath, and many others. Basically, all the skills that have an effect on an area in front of the caster were functioning incorrectly. 

Here are some examples of how they should (and will) function from now on:

Rush Impact and similar skills: Hit all targets in a line from the caster to the target (everyone on the "path")

Ghost Piercing/Flame Hawk: Same as the Rushes, hit everyone in the path to the target in a straight line.

Multiple Shot, Enuma Elish, Demolition Impact: The area is a cone effect in front of the caster based on a specific angle for each skill.

🔷The Olympiad Permilage system has been improved. Now it will collect the maximum HP and CP of participants several times (with each hit) during the entire fight, and in the end, it will calculate an average. Ensuring a fairer value of maximum HP and CP, thus avoiding people starting the fight already with the maximum possible HP/CP to gain an advantage, since the system read the maximum HP/CP only at the beginning of the fight.

🔷Skill "Divine Curse" was added to Cardinal (learn level 76). It will now have an area effect around the target.

🔷Skill "Hide" can now be used in the Survivor event.

🔷Teleport to Monster Race Track added to Dion's list of teleports