Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷 The punishment system has been revamped to allow characters to have multiple active punishments simultaneously. Characters can now concurrently serve temporary bans from the Olympiad, Events, and Chat, each with its own duration—a capability not previously available. In the past, the system couldn't handle multiple punishments; receiving a new one while another was active resulted in the character being sent to Jail, with punishment durations being cumulative. This will no longer be the case, as multiple punishments can now be active at the same time.

🔷The website's penalty removal service will continue to remove half of the duration of an active punishment. However, with the ability to have multiple punishments, its operation will change: For a single punishment, half its duration will be removed. If there are two active punishments, 25% of the duration of each will be removed. For three, 16% of each will be removed, and so on.

🔷All active temporary punishments up to today will be removed, as we are launching a new system that operates differently.

🔷Some issues related to the new Siege and TW implementations have been resolved.