Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷 The formula for physical skills damage has been revised and simplified. Now, your critical rate will also apply to your skills that can cause critical hits, without individual differences for each skill that were previously calculated with 50% of your critical rate.

Additionally, attributes such as Critical Evasion and Critical Vulnerability, for example, those bonuses granted by buffs like Eye of Pa'agrio and Chant of Protection, will now affect skills, unlike the old formula where these attributes were ignored.

If your weapon has an element, this will also apply to the skill's final damage, unless the skill has its own element (different from that of the weapon), in which case it will be considered the skill's element. Previously, skills without elements did not consider any elemental damage.

As for the final damage of the formula, we tried to keep it as close as possible to the old damage, both inside and outside the Olympiads. However, there will clearly be fluctuations due to factors such as the presence or absence of certain buffs, as well as specific and intentional adjustments. For example, the damage from charge skills has been intentionally reduced.

Important observations about the new formula include:

  • P.Atk. now has more influence on the final damage, compared to the old formula where Skill Power had more weight.
  • Skills with higher power will have slightly less damage than before.
  • Skills with lower power will have slightly more damage than before.
  • Critical Power has more or less the same weight in both formulas, depending on the combination of P.Atk. and Skill Power.
  • Enchant power/duel routes (which increase the power of the skill) will bring less increase in the final damage compared to the old formula.

Specific changes in skills include:

🔷 The skill Zealot has been completely redone. It is now a passive and Trigger skill. Its new description is: When an enemy is killed around you by yourself or your party, and if there are more enemies around you are engulfed by the heat of battle and channel the power of the guardian deity, significantly enhancing your abilities for 20 seconds.

For 20 seconds, increases resistance to Sleep and Stun attacks by 5 and Speed by 30. When using Blunt, Sword, Fists or Polearm: increases Accuracy by 6 and Attack Speed by 20%. Additionally, increases Critical Rate by 100 and Critical power by 10% when using a sword or polearm or Critical Power by 60% when using a Blunt or Fists. Regenerates 300 HP every second. Decreases the power of received HP recovery magic by 40%.

🔷 The skill Frenzy has been completely redone. It is now a passive and Trigger skill. Its new description is: When attacked, there is a chance that an intense frenzy will take over you. For 10 seconds, increases Speed by 15 and grants you the capability of ignoring 70% of all incoming damage. When using a Blunt, Sword or Polearm increases Atk. Speed by 10% and P. Atk. by 60%. Available if Rage is in use and when HP is 60% or lower.

🔷 The skill Guts has been removed from the list of Titan skills.

🔷 The skill Howl has been added to the list of Titan skills.

🔷 The skill Over the Body will now also grant 30% M.Def.

🔷 The skills Heavy Armor Mastery and Light Armor Mastery have had their bonuses for critical evasion and vulnerability reduced. This reduction is justified by the new formula, as these attributes now influence the damage of skills.

🔷 The skill Focus Attack had its critical power reduced from 35% to 25%. This reduction is justified by the new formula.

🔷 A new skill has been added to the list of skills of the Grand Khavatari, learned at level 74. Second Wind: Restores 25% of maximum HP. Must recharge 4th energy stage.

🔷 The way the Half-Kill of blows is handled has been modified: Previously, the damage was accounted for and then the CP was reduced to 1, thus nullifying the damage. Now first the CP will be reduced to 1, then the common damage will follow, thus improving the function of Half-Kill.

🔷 Support for Critical rate vulnerability has been added. Some time ago, this function was added in Expose Weak Point, however, it was not working properly unless the target already had a value of Critical Evasion above 0.

Other changes:

🔷 A new improved Clear Cache system has been implemented. It is possible to use it through the CTRL+INSERT command on the keyboard. The old Clear cache (ALT+DEL or .clear) has been disabled. This last one will be used automatically every 30 minutes during teleports so that the client remains as light as possible.

🔷 Some modifications to improve performance have been made to the client.

🔷 Consertamos um problema relacionado ao ultimo changelog, onde informamos que as skills tipo Blow tiveram um aumento de 10%. Entretanto esse aumento erroneamente foi adicionado à todas as skills fisicas e não somente as do tipo Blow.