Exilium World - L2J Server


🔷 Skills Frenzy and Guts re-added to Titan as Active skills and reworked. Below is the updated description:

Frenzy: Increases Speed by 15. When using a Blunt, Sword or Polearm increases Accuracy by 6, Atk. Speed by 10% and P. Atk. by 30% for 1 minute. Available if Rage is in use. Cannot be used with Guts. 5min reuse delay.

Guts: Grants you the capability of ignoring 50% of all incoming damage and increases all your resistances by 5 for 1 minute. Available when Rage is in use. Cannot be used with Frenzy. 5min reuse delay.

🔷 New skill from newer chronicles added to Titan: Eruption.

Eruption: Attacks nearby enemies with 3848 Power added to P.Atk, stunning them for 3 sec. and cancelling their targets. Requires a sword, a blunt weapon, or a spear. Over-hit and critical hit are possible. Ignores Shield Defense.

🔷 Skill Zealot can now be activated on monsters. The chance is 10 times lower than the chance to activate on players. (100% on players for the skill +30, 10% for mobs)

🔷 Skill Miracle and Purification Field had their reuse-delay decreased to 5 minutes.

🔷 Skill Divine Curse is now passive and trigger.

Divine Curse: When being attacked, there is a chance to cast a wrathful curse of the gods to decrease the effect of recovery magic by 50% for 48 to 120 seconds. Decreases opponent's HP by 9 every second.

🔷 Adjustments in Titan at the Olympiads: +10% PvP Physical Damage and +10% PvP Physical Skills Damage (Nerfs removed)